Balloons with Led light trend in decoration of parties and weddings

When we celebrate the Communion of my daughter Carlota, at sunset, we give each family of friends a flying paper lantern. They had to write their wishes with a marker (some people wrote a prayer) and then light their lantern. When they were thrown, the sky lit up and the lanterns ended up disappearing. It was a super special moment. The truth is, it was a party full of details, but that lantern release was one of the best memories my daughters keep.

Both kids and adult guests were blown away!

flying lanterns

For a short time, the release of lanterns in Spain is not allowed. Town halls and sites for wedding celebrations and events have prohibited them, since they are highly polluting and dangerous given the high risk of generating fires in forest areas and nearby vegetation. To light them, we had to light a paraffin-soaked flame of fire. Come on... I see it as very normal that they are prohibited!!!

balloon release ceremony

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In many weddings the release of balloons (charged with helium) is already a classic. Each guest releases a helium balloon on the count of one, two, three! Loaded with messages or simply with good wishes and thoughts for the new married couple.

Now we have the novelty of balloons with LED light and I must tell you that they are spectacular and that the effect is total, they will surely be the new trend in party and wedding decoration. They are 100% Biodegradable Latex balloons of 40 cm. in diameter, which you can inflate with normal air or with Helium if you want them to fly and turn on by means of a mini switch inside. They are ideal to surprise at your wedding, company party, farewell to a colleague or any original event.

Important note: The Led light inside is not Biodegradable, so it is not a good idea to loosen these balloons. We advise you, once lit and broken, please throw them into the appropriate container.

led light balloons for wedding and party decoration

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You can find balloons with Led light in our Shop Online and enjoy them as much as we do. ;)

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