The Maileg universe has a special charm, in this collection time passes slowly and a soft atmosphere is breathed. Maileg is a Danish firm created in 1999, where rag dolls like the old ones, with a very special aesthetic, make you fall in love as soon as you touch them. They are created by hand with ideal prints and exquisite fabrics such as linen, tulle, lace, embroidery and leather.

The best known are their lop-eared bunnies and mini mice with thousands of details. They come in a wide variety of sizes, from very small, like the Micro or Mini collection, to giant Maxi or Mega ones.

Maileg dolls are those kinds of toys that you give away and you know that they will always keep with love, because they transport you to a fairytale world and make you dream.

They are in love with us, with great enthusiasm we present our private Maileg collection... with bunnies, rats, mice in matchboxes, tooth fairy mice, linen garlands decorated for parties or rooms, napkins to complement your party and even candy bags.