4 ideas to decorate a Communion or Baptism in a restaurant

The season of First Communions and Baptisms begins, many of you already have the place chosen for that celebration and many of them are private rooms in restaurants. On the one hand it is ideal, because you have privacy and the comfort of being in a restaurant or hotel that takes care of everything.

This alternative to celebrate a family party on the one hand is perfect, but on the other it has the drawback. These types of private rooms, in general, are not very personal and their decoration is often very simple, if not null. These types of rooms for a First Communion or Baptism are cold and it is ideal to be able to give them a touch that makes them special.

We want to share 4 tips or advice for decorating a First Communion or Baptism in a private restaurant:

welcome your guests

Make your party unique by welcoming your guests with a personalized sign . You can generate a corner with recycled boxes forming heights or support it on a wooden easel. Add a touch of a natural flower or plant inside a natural carrycot.

If you want to give it even more importance, we advise you to accompany your welcome corner with an XL Eco Latex balloon decorated with fabric ribbons . You can personalize it by writing with an acrylic marker and good handwriting, the name of the honoree will give it that festive and special touch that we are looking for.

Welcome sign and XL balloon

In our online store you will find all these details: 1. Personalized posters 2. Natural carrycot 3. Label with fabric 4. XL balloons with fabric ribbons

High ceilings and very large rooms

If this room or tent has very high ceilings, is very large and you see it empty, don't worry! We have the solution to make everything look more dressed up and cheerful. Put an XL balloon on each table, this way you will create the visual effect of "lower ceiling".

You can play with the heights and generate a visual rhythm or if you prefer to give it a more elegant touch, choose to put them all in the same color and at the same height. Remember that all our XL balloons are 100% Biodegradable Latex and do not pollute. Once the party is over you can discard them deflated in the brown container. If you have doubts about how much helium you need or duration times, we leave you this post where we explain everything.

XL balloon communion decoration
XL balloons with fabrics

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If you are thinking of decorating the tables, an ideal centerpiece, and what looks beautiful with the arrival of good weather, is to put a natural raffia basket with an aromatic plant inside. You can also add a personalized label to decorate even more.

If you want to give the carrycot a touch, you can add a balloon and tie it, or take a weight and put the weight inside the carrycot so that it cannot be seen.

Another idea is to give it as a detail or gift to each invited family.

In our online store you will find all these elements: 1. Natural raffia basket 2. Personalized label 3. Balloons

Natural raffia basket with balloons
Natural raffia carrycot center table


Most likely, if you go to a hotel, salon or venue, the tablecloth and napkins will be white. If you want to dress it up giving it a touch of color, you can add a napkin ring with a fabric ribbon and a personalized card . It looks beautiful, and each guest can take it as a souvenir.

You can also leave a detail to give to each guest at each place at the table. So they will have a precious gift to remember that great day.

In our online store you will find all these elements: 1. Personalized napkin ring 2. Placeholders 3. Gift gift

personalized napkin ring

We leave you our 2023 catalog of personalized products for First Communion in case you want to take a look.

We hope we have helped you with these tips. Do not forget to share your photos with us by tagging us @fiestadeolivia, we will be delighted to see your results.

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