Olivia's Communion

Here I am with a very personal Post that I have been waiting to write for a while and, to be honest, I am very excited. My little daughter Olivia's Communion party. I write it as a small memory of your Communion party at home. It was an endearing party, with friends, family and with no other intention than to spend a fun afternoon surrounded by people who love her.

The truth is, those days for me were crazy days... apart from celebrating Olivia's Communion, they were days of a lot of work at Olivia's Party. That weekend in May, we organized several Communion parties in Barcelona and the online shop was fuming... it's the busiest and most stressful time for us.

Anyway... less blah blah and more seasoning! I hope they serve as an inspiration to all mothers looking for ideas for your children's Communion .


We were about 40 people including children, we would serve, as is customary at home, a large cheese board, homemade hamburgers made on the barbecue with various accompaniments for everyone and then different desserts (Olivia's favorite cakes) and strawberries with cream , a sweets corner for children and another with coffees and infusions for adults.

Having a garden and the forecast was good weather, I was excited to set up a large low table for the children outside. A few weeks before, I bought 3 wooden boards at a hardware store, cut the legs of some very basic easels about 30cm. High. We place the three wooden boards of 180 x 90 cm. along. with a large white tablecloth on top.

I took out the natural jute rugs I had at home and filled them with cushions for the children to sit on. The truth was perfect!


The children ate Hamburgers, in individual Kraft boxes (so it was easier to collect everything) and the disposable tableware for the entire party was from the Liberty London Garden collection that you can find in our shop . This collection is perfect for girls' parties in spring.

Since we were so many guests, I complemented with plates and glasses from the Basic collection in ivory, I love it because it goes with everything and is very versatile.

I put old Picnic baskets that I have at home with glass bottles with fresh water, many napkins with the Liberty London mix print of paper and wooden cutlery for everyone.

I wanted to make a big cheese board... I was excited for it to be very big, just one and along the entire table. The truth was much easier than I thought. In the same hardware store I bought a wooden strip of 1.80 meters long by 40 cm. wide approx. Everyone at home helped, my mother composed it as if she were painting a picture..., the girls wrote the name of each of the cheeses on skewers with flags and the names of the spreads on the wooden spoons .

The key is the assortment... we combine various types of fruits, nuts, cheeses, homemade sauces, ham and sausages. I promise you a Post with the DIY of this table in detail, because it is very easy to do and it was a success.


cheese board-olivia's-party

It was spring and the garden was full of flowers. A large XL latex balloon with fabric ribbons with a Liberty type print and with the name of Olivia presided over the children's table. In addition, we distributed natural palm baskets with pots with flowers inside, in strategic places, which acted as weight for the groups of balloons .

The porch was decorated with garlands of pennants from the Liberty collection that gave it a cheerful touch in addition to uniting the Deco with the Liberty Mix tableware that we chose for the party.





We use an old iron structure as Candy Bar . It helped us to hang in the center a group of Pom Poms in tissue paper in pastel colors and honeycomb balls to give a sweet touch to the decoration. We also hung from it a personalized garland with Olivia's name from the Virgencita de la Shop collection and on a round table we put a corner of sweets that Olivia was so excited about. The candy jars were decorated with cards with the content and fun messages that we designed for the occasion.



As we are not very fond of Fondant cakes at home, I ordered our friends from Lolitas Bakery to order different classic cakes for all of us to try. A Cheese Cake, a small Lemon Pie and a chocolate sponge cake decorated with Mint and Pink tinted cream that was delicious. The Cake Pops were sent as a gift for Olivia, and they were a hit with the younger children. The cake was decorated with a Cake Topper with Olivia's name on it.


As a final climax, the Magician Carlos Fortuna came to give us a magic show that left us all impressed. We liked it so much that in almost all the events that we put together at La Fiesta de Olivia we have him.

The afternoon ended with a couple of Gin Tonics and laughter, after Carlos's performance and the children running until they dropped.


It was a beautiful day, Olivia was radiant and we were happy to be able to share that special day for her with people we love. There was no family that we missed and some friends who couldn't come, in the photos you can't see my nerves and my crazy hair, the stress of the moment cheese board, or how the garden was once the party was over.... but you can already imagine. ;) It was all worth it.

A thousand thanks to my friend Carmen Tous for the photos she took that day. Thanks to Larysa from Lary's Cookies for the cookies she gave to Olivia and thanks again to the super team that we made at La Fiesta de Olivia, I don't know what I would do without you.

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  • Emma

    Enhorabuena por la decoración realmente preciosa. Me ha encantado la idea de la tabla de queso, sencillamente ,fantástica.

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