Inspirational moodboard for a Vintage party

I leave you a small Moodboard with a selection of my favorite products to decorate a Vintage party with feminine touches. It is an ideal combination for baby's First birthday parties, a baptism, Baby Shower or any girl's party. The color palette is clear: pastel shades of mint green, light blue, peach, pale pink and creamy white, as well as some touches of glitter gold. inspiration for decorating a baptism
1. Assemble a garland yourself to decorate the party, tying tissue paper Pom Poms in pastel shades and honeycomb balls in pink tones to a string of about 2 meters. This is about 2 meters and is perfect for decorating a girl's room.
2. Cotton lace ribbons in powdery tones to decorate glass jars , balloons or a detail that you want to give to your guests.
3. These bunny lamps are a night light for babies and couldn't be more ideal. After the party they will be ideal decorating your baby's room.
4. Invest in a good ceramic cake stand or a wooden Candy Bar stand , they are a staple on any sweet table. Another must-have... our individual bottles decorated with a striped vintage paper straw are a perfect detail for a gift. You'll see... there won't be one left!
5. Thank your guests by assembling Scarp paper cones and decorate them with these labels Thanks for coming labels. Printable "Thank you for coming" tags.
6 . Boxes in the shape of a Belle and Boo house to put gifts or sweets inside. You will find the complete Belle & Boo collection in our shop, which is the perfect complement to the decoration of this party.

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