Drink Gin Bar, we decorate a cocktail bar

For a long time I wanted to set up a cocktail bar for an adult party. Many times when we invite friends home for dinner or lunch, we adults end up with a good conversation and an after-meal with laughter accompanied by a glass of gin and tonic in a ball glass and with lots of ice. I bring you a DRINK GIN BAR , a Gin bar with red fruits that will surely inspire you for your next dinner with friends, wedding or party these days of summer and good weather.

I hope you like this fun GOD SAVE THE GIN, as much as we do!

Gin bar party Olivia's party

This table is practically monochrome, a black and white base and gold accents that add a touch of light and glamor to this party. Black and gold stripes, black polka dots, glitter and gold Foil... are all elements, colors and textures that combine perfectly and make the staging very Chic.

gin bar party Olivia's party

Alicia from On my Goodies designed the printables for this party...a fun black and white GOD SAVE THE GIN adds a touch of adult humor to everything. I love these little flags to decorate the paper straws... you can download the file at this Link, print it and with a little scissors and glue you're done!

gin bar party wedding olivia's party

gin bar olivia's party

poster gin bar olivia's party

This sign indicating that this is the GIN BAR is another of the printables for this party. It's an A4 sheet you can print on your home printer, you don't even need color ink... but don't tell me it's brutal!

One piece of advice that we always give to our clients is: a poster, even in Folio size and attached to a folder like this with a simple clip, will always give the PRO touch to any table. It can even be ideal in a Geneva bar at an adult party, company or wedding .

gin bar olivia's party

Balloons add a festive touch to any party, in this case they decorated our table. To make them even more special, we decorated them with gold Twitter stickers writing the initials CHIN CHIN. A large black fan decorated the bar along with an illuminated sign that we made especially for the occasion. If you dare you have the DIY and the mismatch of the word BAR in my party book.

drink gin bar Olivia's party

gin bar olivia's party

The tableware had to have a touch of gold glitter... I love the contrast of the gold with the black and white. If you wanted to take a look at the DRINK GIN BAR collection in our Shop, I encourage you, there are many ideal things for you to throw this party at home.

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