Tips to set up a safe Candy Bar

If you have in mind setting up a Candy Bar or sweet table during the pandemic for your children's Communion , at a Christening or in a sweet corner at a wedding, these tips may interest you so that you can comply with health regulations and provide security your party guests with these tips.

In general, we should avoid any type of buffets or "self-service" type tables and always consider having a person who serves and handles everything, always that same person.

If you set up a Candy Bar yourself, I advise you to always serve everything individually packed in boxes, individual jars with lids or closed bags. Gone are for now those glass jars filled with bulk sweets, open buckets where we all grabbed a piece of candy, or scoops to help ourselves to our own portions of sweets.

If you don't buy the assembled pieces and you feel like assembling the bags or skewers yourself, don't forget to wash your hands very well, use the best quality packaged candies and always wear a mask and vinyl gloves. It is worth not using latex gloves in case one of your guests is allergic to latex. We can avoid a bad time!

The new Candy Bars are safer as they are all individually packaged, but no less beautiful and spectacular for that.

You can use Baker Twine type ribbon or string to decorate them to make them more attractive or stickers to personalize some portions. The packaged candy skewers and personalized candy jars are super colorful and original. In our shop we offer you several ideal models, discover them here

We have designed some perfect Candy Bar Covid-free kits with everything packaged and personalized so that you can assemble yours at home.

Discover our Candy Bar Covid Free Kits here

If you want tips on how to set up a safe party, be sure to read this Post from our Blog.

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