8 Ideas and DIY of the most beautiful and easy wedding garlands

Whenever we seek to give a different touch and according to our style to our wedding , the decoration is the most important thing. Corners, a Photocall , centerpieces, Candy Bar , crockery, flowers... there are a thousand things to give it that special and stylish touch that we are looking for. One of the decorative elements with which we can give character to a wedding are garlands, they are generally cheap and best of all, you can make them yourself with a little skill, time and desire.

I leave you with a selection of the 8 decorative garlands that set the trend this season for wedding decoration, I hope it helps you.


These garlands are made with natural jute ropes, fresh leaves of different sizes and varieties, fixed with wooden clips. Assemble several garlands of about 3 meters approx. and hang them vertically creating a background that you can use to decorate your wedding. They are perfect for a Photocall , the back of a dessert table, decorating a Candy Bar or any corner at your wedding.

botanical garland weddings

garland leaves wedding

Via Ruffled


Very easy and very delicate... floating flowers are ideal to give a fresh and romantic touch to summer or spring weddings. Tie fresh flowers of the colors and types you want and the occasional leaf, with a very firm thin thread or with transparent fishing line consecutively. The effect is total, you will create a perfect background that is very decorative as well as very easy.

floating flowers
flowers for weddings
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Flower background


They are the trend in weddings this year, the giant XL balloons are becoming essential in the decoration of the most Chic weddings and if they are decorated with natural garlands, even better. These decorated a garland-type tail made with green branches and flowers are perfect for receiving your guests at your wedding, decorating an elegant and original Photocall or decorating the banquet room. You can choose giant white, transparent or colored balloons ... and you have the DIY of how to make the garland of branches to decorate them here

decorated balloons for weddings
giant balloons for weddings
giant balloons for weddings


The knots remind us of the union, the union of two parts, of two people, of two families. This background curtain made of knots seems ideal for decorating a rustic or Boho Chic style wedding . With this idea, creating a rustic backdrop for your wedding couldn't be easier to do. Tie knots of different sizes, some of them exaggerated so that they can be seen perfectly in the distance, and fix them to a wooden stick. In this case, the stick has been lined with branches with vegetation, you can also line it with flowers.

background for easy wedding


It's a lot of work... we know, you have to be a handyman... too, but isn't it a spectacular decoration and the effect generated is total? If you dare and are good at manual arts, these garlands made with many paper bow ties made with the Origami technique will give a very special touch to your wedding decoration. If you dare to try, I leave you a DIY step by step so you can make your own paper bow tie.

wedding decoration in gardens


An ideal garland for any wedding, it is ideal to make two small ones to decorate the back of the bride and groom's chairs, a Candy Bar or a Photocall . It is very easy to do, the trick is to tie pieces of recycled fabric very well combined. Dare you will see that the result will be great!


fabric garland for weddings


Pom Poms made with tissue paper look great decorating large spaces and better if it is outdoors. If we put several garlands we will achieve the effect of "roof" and a cozy atmosphere will be generated in the garden. They are ideal alternated with garlands of lights and even with paper pennants, if you are looking for a Boho or rustic touch to the decoration at your wedding, you will be sure to hit it. In our shop you will find tissue paper Pom Poms of many different colors and sizes so that you can tie them together and create your own Pom Poms garland.

pom poms garlands wedding

paper flower garlands


Print photos of your friends, guests, of your life as children, memories, trips... photographs are memories. Create garlands with photos and generate the most personalized space of all. 

wedding decoration with photos

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