Bouquet inflated balloons birthday Rabbit
Bouquet inflated balloons birthday Rabbit

Bouquet inflated balloons birthday Rabbit

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This Bouquet includes the following balloons:

  • 1 Medium Size Figure Foil Balloon (Approximately 60 cm)
  • 1 XL Size Foil Number Balloon (Approximately 70 to 80 cm)
  • 1 Matte Finish Round Foil Balloon (Approximately 35 cm)

Our unique touch for a WOW effect:

  • Personalized Balloon. We write a name with handmade lettering.
  • Torn fabric ribbon that combines our Bouquets in a matching color, fabric ribbon, weight, and a La Fiesta de Olivia card with preservation tips.
  • Large card with your message (Optional)
  • Surprise white shipping box - 50 x 80 cm

Estimated duration: 3 to 4 days in good condition.

Important: See details of duration and warranty in the dropdown.

This product is exclusive to La Fiesta de Olivia and is prepared by professionals under the highest quality standards in the EU market.


Material: Foil
Delivery: Deliveries from Tuesday to Friday. Purchase 3 days in advance.

VERY IMPORTANT: Take the balloons out of the shipping box as soon as you receive them and leave them in a cool place away from heat to ensure a better float life.

Float duration may vary based on temperature, environment and handling. Balloons should never remain in the shipping box or bags.

The durability of any balloon used outdoors is not guaranteed.

The general duration for indoor balloons is as follows:

- Eco Latex Balloons L 50-60 cm. : Optimum up to 3 days, can last up to 5 days.

- Gender reveal balloons (burst): Optimal up to 2 days, can last up to 4 days.

- Foil balloons numbers, stars and figures: Optimum up to 3 days, can last up to 5 days.

- Latex balloon garland inflated with air: Optimal up to 3 days, can last up to 5 days.

- Latex ground balloons inflated with air: Optimum up to 3 days, can last up to 5 days.

- Foil ground balloons inflated with air: Optimum up to 5 days, can last up to 10 days.

Cold air, hot air, high humidity, changes in barometric pressure, high altitudes, and moving air from fans and louvers will reduce the float time of the balloons. Direct sunlight can cause balloons to burst and cold environments can shrink them.

DELIVERY: The day you indicate (from Tuesday to Friday). Buy 3 days in advance and keep in mind that no shipments or deliveries are made on holidays. Delivery may be made half a day before depending on your location.

DELIVERY COSTS: Due to the volume and care of this type of product, there are additional shipping costs of €14 per bouquet. The price corresponds to sending a single bouquet. Available shipping to Spain and Portugal (only Peninsula).

WARRANTY: Once it is delivered, and in good condition, it is the customer's responsibility to take the necessary precautions so that the balloon lasts as long as possible. Please read our duration table carefully.

RETURNS: Bouquet returns or cancellations are not accepted once the order has been processed.

In the event that an order is damaged or defective, La Fiesta de Olivia only offers a refund of your order after a photograph sent by the client and always within the first 12 hours. once the order is received

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