An Indian party on the shore of a lake and a volcano


I have a special affection for this children's party... it was the first Shooting we did for my book Fiestas . We did it in summer, in the South of Chile, on the shores of Lake Villarrica, in the middle of the forest and with views of the Volcano, which was very active at that time... This site is our "place in the world", it is the place where we spend the best moments as a family and I was very excited that we would hold the first book party there.

With all the desire (and fear... it must be said) to begin to shape this great challenge that was to design and write a book, we began the photographs of the first party. My daughters and my nephews who came from Spain to visit appear in this Shooting.


The Moodboard or board of inspiration for this decoration was very clear... Feathers, a lot of wood, red berries, flowers, fabrics, lace, linen and Jute, are some of the materials and objects that inspired us to set up this camping on the beach. All very natural and with an Eco touch that the place cries out for. In fact, a few days before, I got stock from a haberdashery in the town where I bought ribbons, ropes, feathers, fabrics and wooden buttons for the dream catchers.

You can find the rest of the things we use in the Shop in the new Eco Party party collection: A white ceramic stand to raise the cake, glass jars with blackboard labels for the small corner of sweets that we set up, jars of Inclined glass for berries and popcorn, individual plastic bottles with stoppers, striped paper straws , wooden cutlery , Kraft glasses and cardboard boxes for snacks. You can buy the labels and ribbons to decorate the bottles here and here or download them for free with the purchase of the Fiestas book .

I was lucky to have the collaboration of a brutal photographer for whom I have a special affection.... Andrés Ghiorzo. Andrés gave his own touch to the photographs, in addition to the fact that the light that afternoon was on our side ;)


The place was perfect, a forest on the shore of the lake where we had a snack... the children had a great time having a snack, playing Indians on the trees and the little ones playing with the sand on the beach.

party-indians-book-marcela-coo book-parties-marcela-coo-girls-indians


The cake is a very easy recipe ideal for summer, which you will find complete in my book Fiestas . I gave it a bit of color with some natural flowers and some raspberry that was left over from the recipe. The field flowers were also in vases, decorating the table where the snack was.



The slanted glass jars were perfect for presenting popcorn, some fruit, and white chocolate dipped cereal balls that they love.


At this party, the balloons, no matter how Ecofriendly they were, didn't look very good... it was such a natural environment that I preferred to forget about them. To give a more festive touch to the snack, we decorate with honeycomb balls and tissue paper fans. A linen garland that I had at home and another of mini Led lights decorated the Tipi.

teepee-party-indians-book-festivities Setting up a small "camp" can be a great idea for any outdoor party. It does not necessarily have to be a full-fledged camping, I think that with very few resources, we can set up a "Tipi" or small tent that acts as a meeting place for children or even adults. The teepees are ideal even for generating special corners even at weddings... We set this up with recycled fabrics that we had at home. An old lace tablecloth, a pair of white cotton Ikea curtains and a very thin summer blanket were enough to set up the "little house" as the girls used to say.


The sand on the beach allowed our "improvised" teepee to stay put and not fall. Small children played and entertained themselves all afternoon and the vegetation with the lake in front of it was the perfect setting. I included some garlands of led lights and some hanging stars that we had for sale in the Shop some time ago.

This party can be set up on the beach, in a forest in the mountains or simply in a garden of a house... with a little imagination and enthusiasm, anything goes. I hope you like them and they serve as inspiration for your future summer parties at home.

Find some ideas for this table and many others in my book Fiestas, Ideas, tricks and tips for a Party Planner to create a perfect celebration.

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  • Magdalena ordinas

    Buenos días
    Voy a hacer la primera comunión a mi hija y la temática es de indios, tipis, flechas….
    Necesito a cajitas de picnic tipo indio, tendría usted?

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