A fun Halloween for kids that isn't scary

If you are mothers of small children, it may happen that on Halloween your children are terrified of seeing bloody zombies walking down the street or in shop windows.

The Halloween party changes, adapts and transforms into a party for all ages and all tastes. At Olivia's Party we have many different Halloween collections, for all ages and tastes, except Zombies... Oops!

The truth is that I personally have never been a big fan of this party until I saw the movie COCO and understood the true meaning of this party in Mexico and I loved it! If you haven't seen it yet, it's already late. Since that moment Halloween has been celebrated at home, this year I set up an altar of memories at home and no zombies. We will celebrate as a family, a very happy and colorful Halloween.

Anyway, I won't bother any more... I want to show you a Halloween party collection ideal for the little ones in the house. It's so pretty that you'll want to celebrate Halloween even at Christmas... ;) This year's novelty is our Halloween Booom piñata ! An ideal XL balloon piñata, huge and filled with toys and candy... with a witch costume for the hostess and a step-by-step magic spell that will surely make you have a super fun time at home.

I leave you the photos of the Pink Halloween collection from our shop. A mix of pumpkins, pink, peach and orange tones. Very fun party Halloween without fear, perfect for the little ones.

fearless halloween for children Olivia's Party

Halloween decoration for the little ones Olivia's Party

Halloween Olivia's Party

Piñata boom Halloween Olivia's party

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