Sanitary measures to take into account to celebrate parties at home in times of pandemic

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In this Post we want to give you practical advice to be able to celebrate a safe party at home and answers to the most common questions that you ask us about what can and cannot be done when celebrating a safe party at home in the time of Coronavirus.

Without a doubt, the safest way to throw a party these dates is online. But, if the restrictions of your autonomous community allow it and you are excited to organize a small party, baptism or First Communion at home, we leave you with some measures that you could take to prevent the transmission of COVID-19.

Before celebrating the party:

Try to celebrate the party on a terrace, garden or outdoor space or one that is as well ventilated as possible.

Offer your guests extra masks, hand sanitizer gel, and tissues. You can set up a Covid Free corner at the entrance of your house.

If the celebration includes guests who live in different households, he recommends avoiding contact with people who do not live with them for 15 days before the gathering. Create a guest list with contact information, in case you need contact tracing in the future.

Keep in mind the restrictions of the moment of celebrating the party imposed by your community.

During the celebration of your party:

During the party, it is important to maintain security measures so that all your guests are comfortable. We know this can be very difficult when you are trying to celebrate with your family and friends, but we must make an effort.

Keep your distance and avoid close contact with people who do not live with you. Avoid having people too close to each other around a table. Rather than having one large table, we recommend setting up multiple tables or seating areas so that people from different households can be at least 2m apart. away. Corners with rugs and cushions on the floor for the youngest is a good idea.

Instead of giving hugs, say hello. If you plan activities for children, consider play options that allow for maximum physical distancing.

Wear your mask when you are around people who do not live in your home, except when eating or drinking. Avoid singing or dancing with a partner, especially if you don't have a mask on.

Encourage proper hygiene at your party and provide soap and paper towels in the kitchen and bathroom. Eliminate cloth towels to dry your hands.

Avoid buffets or tables with "self-service" drinks and always consider having a person who serves and handles everything always that same person.

We recommend offering individual portions of food and using disposable plates, wooden cutlery and cups . Once used, remember everything in the trash. I always recommend buying cardboard or wooden tableware that is Biodegradable and avoiding plastic.

If you set up a Candy Bar or Sweet Buffet , always serve everything individually packaged in boxes , individual jars with lids or closed bags .

There are plenty of ideal alternatives for this, such as our Anti-Covid Candy Bar Kits that you can find in our online shop here .

Picnic-type boxes or individual boxes for each guest are a perfect idea for children's parties. Then, best of all... it all goes to waste!

After the party:

Wash and sanitize anything that will be reused, such as cutlery, trays, water pitchers, aprons, or cloth tablecloths.

Clean and disinfect frequently touched surfaces and shared items.

Important! Put on disposable gloves when you throw out the trash, throw them away after use, and wash your hands with soap and water. Garbage is the main source of infection for any virus.

Seeing how the pandemic evolves, we believe that the holidays this 2021 will continue to be in a small format and with many restrictive measures. However, there are moments in life such as a baptism, a birthday or a communion that we should, as far as possible, not stop celebrating.

It can be celebrated as a family, taking great care of the details and responsibly.

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