The MOST beautiful advent calendars to wait for Christmas

Christmas is just around the corner, well, not that much, but I like this time so much that since November I start putting Christmas carols and songs, and I try to go unnoticed at home by quietly putting up the tree and the garlands of lights. ..well I love having them all year round.
In short, Christmas and Christmas Eve are not only enjoyed on that day, the wait during the previous weeks makes them even sweeter, the preparations and the mysterious conversations with our loved ones to see if they give us any clues to surprise them with their gift. Everything is special in that season and you have to enjoy it because there is nothing better in life than celebrating!
Are you one of us, and are you already humming Merry Christmas down the street? Well, we have some Advent calendars that you will see that you will want ALL of them!

Olivia's Party Advent Calendar

advent calendar olivia's party

Advent calendars are the best option to prepare the whole family to receive Christmas, the illusion of children, every day, by opening the details and the curiosity of the not so children to see what delicious thing is hidden inside of each box will make everyone want to be the first to wake up.

And in this world of decoration for celebrations you will always have two options: buy something made or do it yourself, and since we like both, below you will see the incredible things that arrived, it makes you want to have at least 3! advent calendars!

Advent calendars ready to enjoy

Little wooden animals to assemble until you get a forest, mini stars to put wishes or stickers with bags to customize, well I won't tell you more, better enjoy the images and go directly to the web because they are flying!

Olivia's Party-Advent Calendar-Christmas Decoration

This is one of my favourites! boxes that contain a forest animal made of wood, if I'm already excited I can't imagine the children, you can also do some family activity painting with brushes and acrylic paint each of the animals until you form the complete forest. I assure you that they will love it!


What makes you want to start putting it together? It is ideal because it includes a cloth bag in which you can put all the animals and have them for the rest of the year as a game for children.

Advent calendars to assemble and DIY

If your thing is to create from scratch or give it a special touch, there is a garland with stars to hang, they are small, they will not be used to put sweets or chocolates, it is rather to write a voucher to redeem, children love that. ..

advent calendar olivia's party

If instead of putting little cards with wishes or vouchers, you prefer to put small details or chocolates, the idea of ​​assembling the bags yourself is ideal and very easy. You will see that on the web we have everything to be able to do them.

Olivia's Party Advent Calendar

Olivia's Party-Advent-Christmas Decoration

Olivia's Party-Advent-Christmas Decoration

Olivia's Party-Advent-Christmas Decoration

And if you have the idea of ​​making something from scratch to make it 100% personalized, don't miss our downloadable advent that is a success every year, we will change it next year but we have decided to leave this one more year because we like it so much that we feel sorry to remove it . You'll see how many ideas can come up to put something together that will make these dates even more special.

And do not miss the Christmas post in the coming days with all the ideal things that are on our website and if you love something, without the desire to press, do not wait too long because Christmas at Olivia's Party is flying!


Christmas is just around the corner, well, not to close, but we love this season too much that we start to sing carols, putting the Christmas tree and garlands earlier...

And, which is the best way to start enjoying the lovely Christmas? having an Advent calendar to enjoy with the family and we have the most lovely calendars ever, you can go to our shop and find out the different options we have to decorate or DIY.

There are a lot of beautiful Christmas deco at our shop, but you must hurry up because Christmas at La Fiesta de Olivia it´s just around the corner ;)

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