The 13 most ideal homemade costumes for Halloween

Here we bring you a creative gift of those that we like so much.
We bring you a compilation with 15 original ideas with homemade children's costumes for this Halloween . We are sure that you will want to get into it now, you'll see!
Some of them take some work and time, it is true, but we are sure that in the end it will be worth it.
In this inspiration you will not find the typical Halloween costumes with witches, vampires, hairy spiders or horrible skulls... they are already very popular.

We start with the children, all the costumes are homemade and in some cases in the link you will find the step by step so that you can make them yourself. There is always a friend, mother, grandmother... who is very handy and can help you! :)
Not ideal? You also have the step by step and the template so you can cut the girl's cape in Pretty Plain Janes . Add a fun black tarantula as a brooch and voila!

Via: Oh Happy Day

Oh oh oh... this little Frida is the most brutal thing I've seen in a long time... I eat her! We only need a bright colored dress, a scarf, earrings, and a flower headband. The final touch is given by the large eyebrow painted in black.

Adams Family Halloween Costume Fans of the Addams family? Via Pinterest


Between celebrating the 1st birthday of a lion or making a Toy Story-style soldier, with the cutest of firefighters or an astronaut ready to fly to the moon... it's a good turn of ideas for the costume of this Halloween, don't you think?
Find the step by step at

Via: Pinterest
Via: sayyes
For girls we also have some ideas for an original and fun costume. A tender Madeleine for the little ones, a step-by-step swan, an original full of balloons simulating bubbles, the eternal unicorn adored by girls and a mother-daughter costume that you won't be able to resist. But better enjoy the images and think about... which one would you do?
If you are more classical, you have little time... and you don't want to get too involved, we suggest you the classic cute little witch costume. It is very easy, cheap, successful and above all very comfortable for your daughter. What more can we ask for!
You only need a black t-shirt or sweatshirt, and black tights or leggings as a base. Now... add an orange, black or lilac tutu, a witch hat and voila! On our website you will find everything to assemble this ideal costume!
In this post we show you some customs for next Halloween! there aren't the typical ones you can find each year, we bring the cutest and the best DIY customs for your kids. Frida Kahlo, a unicorn, a little lion or The Addams Family... your kids will look adorable. Don't forget to share your customs with us!

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