Magic laboratory with step by step for Halloween

Today, we are going to immerse ourselves in a world full of spells, potions and spells. We already know that little ones are fascinated by everything that has to do with magic. Today I bring you a super fun and easy activity to do with them on Halloween .
Therefore, becoming sorcerers for a day and celebrating a different Halloween can be a fantastic idea.
And now, ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the most spectacular and spooky Halloween Party Magic Potions Laboratory ! Are you ready to become masters of magic and science? Let's get to work!

halloween activity with children Olivia's Party


Baking soda and apple cider vinegar
Food coloring (various colors)
Glitter, sequins or something that shines.
Test tubes, glass cups or small glasses
A plate


1. Invite all your Halloween party guests to come dressed in their best Halloween costumes. What would be more fun than creating magic potions dressed as vampires, witches or ghosts?

2. Place the test tubes or glasses on the tray. This will catch any magical spills that may occur.

3. Fill each tube one-third full with baking soda.

4. Are you ready for the magic? Sprinkle a little glitter to give that magical touch to your potion.

5. With a few drops of food coloring, you will give life to your potions. Experiment with different colors and combinations. A green brew for the witch? Or a red liquid for the vampire?

6. Now comes the exciting part. Invite the little wizards to slowly add vinegar to each glass. You will see how the potion begins to bubble and overflow, creating a spectacle worthy of the best Party of Halloween .

This is one of the best ideas for Halloween , not only will you be performing an incredible chemistry experiment, but you will also be creating unforgettable memories. Remember, these potions are for play only and not for drinking, and should always be under adult supervision.

So put on your witch hat and get your magic wands ready! It's time to decorate the Party! Most magical and scientific Halloween you've ever seen!
Happy Halloween everyone!

halloween party magic activity with children Olivia's Party

Thanks to our new and spooky Halloween Magic Laboratory collection, we can decorate our laboratory in a spectacular and original way. This collection is full of magical details that combine perfectly with our activity. Garlands of smiling pumpkins, spider webs, napkins in the shape of magical recipes and saucers in the shape of potion bottles are just some of the items you can find.

Get ready to set up a table worthy of the most famous sorcerers!

Some simple glass jars can become our magic cauldrons, some sweets for trick or treating and decorative elements such as candles you have at home, soft lighting, spider webs everywhere and some snakes will give the table a special touch.

A Halloween full of fun, laughter and good times is the best spell we can conjure. It will be an unforgettable party full of laughter, games and lots and lots of magic!

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