Easy ideas to make and give away this Easter

Now that the Easter season is approaching, we want to share with you some ideas to do with the little ones in the house, and to give to your godson or niece at Easter . We hope you like!

Easter Olivia's Party

Magic Easter Eggs

A great idea to do at Easter are magical Easter eggs. If you don't want to miss out on this super fun activity, take note!: 


white eggs 
Food dye of the color you want
A glass of hot water
White wax if you want to write the name (optional)


Tip to empty the egg: with a needle make a small hole at the top, and make a larger hole at the bottom. Put a container under the egg and blow on the top until it all comes out. Then clean it well with water and voila!

1. Write the name you want on the egg with the white wax.
2. Pour a few drops of food coloring in the color you have chosen into the glass of water, a little vinegar, and mix it.
3. Submerge the egg in the glass to tint it with the color (if you want a more intense color, leave it longer, and if you want a softer color, don't leave it inside for a long time). You will see how little by little it will appear magically! the name you had written in white color.
4. Let it dry a bit on kitchen paper and that's it!

Once you have it dry, you can continue tuning it with stickers, tattoos, etc. until you like the result!

Easter Egg Olivia's Party

Easter treasure boxes

If you are still thinking of giving your godson or goddaughter something original and beautiful for this Easter, a super original idea is our Easter treasure boxes . This year we have designed two different themes, unicorns that always triumph, dinosaurs, a top ten, and Easter bunny, a classic. All our boxes carry different treasures, candies and chocolates and are ready to surprise! You also have the option to make it even more personal by adding the message you want and the name of the lucky person. 

Easter Olivia's Party
Easter dino box to give as a gift

bunny flower pot

Another original and easy idea is to take a small white or gray pot and fill it with candies or sweets. To make it look like Easter, you can draw the face of a bunny with a permanent marker, and with cardboard or foam, shape it by making rabbit ears to stick behind the pot. This activity is very easy to do with the little ones at home, and they will surely love it!

Easter Ideas Olivia's Party

Egg boxes with candy and chocolate

This year we have launched this star product that is beautiful and super original. They are kits that include a picnic box with a base of wood shavings and a Vichy square ribbon, an Easter card with the message you want and the name of your godson and an XL egg filled with candies and chocolate personalized with lettering. . Ready to gift for Easter ! We have three different themes: the cuddly box, the lamb box and the dinosaur box. Hard choise!

Easter Olivia's Party

bunny shaped bags

This activity is super easy to do with children at home this Easter. An ideal gift bag in the shape of an Easter bunny to put the eggs inside.

You only need: a kraft paper bag, a small white pom pom and a ribbon of the color you want. 

Start by cutting the top of the bag in the shape of a triangle, simulating the rabbit's two ears, and glue the white pom pom to the bottom of the bag, simulating the rabbit's tail. Inside the bag put the detail you want, a cupcake or some small sweet. Once you have it, join the two triangles, thus closing the bag with the tape. It will be a very cute bag ready to give away for Easter !

Easter Bunny Ideas Olivia's Party

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