Friends of the Bride!: ideas for the best Bridal Party

Preparing for a wedding is very exciting, but it is true that nerves are also passed, some discussions and moments to solve brown (although the fun is always more).

For this reason, we believe that the wedding is not only enjoyed on that day, but also, during the previous time, with family gatherings, visits to suppliers and the search for every detail to make it unique.

Everyone, both family and friends, is looking for gifts or details to surprise the bride and groom in this season that is so special for them, so this post is going to help with ideas, especially for the friends of the bride!:

You are sooo special for the bride, and I assure you that she has many details for you for that day, therefore, preparing a special farewell will be a great memory, for which she will be eternally grateful.

And we are not talking about the typical bachelorette party, but a more special one, somewhere on the beach or in the mountains or in the rich living room of any house. With balloons, a snack prepared by you and a special atmosphere to enjoy with friends. Where to start? It's easy, this is all you need:


Any party with balloons looks much more! You don't need many, with a little creativity balloons can be the allies for the next bride's party.

The classics that always conquer, giant foil letters with the word "Bride" will be a very cool decoration that will not need more.

Olivia's Party-Balloons-Bride-Novia


bridal party olivia's party

This image of Carla Hinojosa 's Bridal Party drives us crazy... Balloons in the hotel room can be a very cool detail!

bridal party

Via: Poshbridalaffair

Foil hearts decorating the entire room of the bride or wherever the celebration is, will give a lot of play to take incredible photos.

And if crafts are your thing and you want to try new things, I assure you that the bride will be blown away with a garland of balloons to decorate, be it the table, candy bar, drinks bar or whatever! It is easier than it seems, on our website you can find the tape to assemble the garland and a thousand options for balloons.

Olivia's Party-Balloons-Bride



The idea of ​​a bar where everyone can prepare or choose what they want is great, in addition to decorating the place a lot and giving it a special touch. It depends if it will be a snack, breakfast or a snack at night, it can also be played with a drinks bar, and it will be a success.

Olivia's Party-Balloons-Bride


This LOVE balloon is ideal to decorate any space, in a rose gold tone that is so on trend and sooo cute.

But if things go beyond sitting down for lunch or dinner, the decoration of this space is ideal. The game of fans (which can later be used as a photocall) will be a perfect setting for an unforgettable farewell.

Olivia's Party-Fans-Bride



They are a trend, Photocalls are spaces that give a lot of play and that leave a memory of the great party. A space where they can take photos of the moments before the wedding of one of your best friends, is something that must be done, right? You can also use the balloon decoration or that wall of fans that you already saw, but if you also want to prepare something else, here are some ideas.

Olivia's Party-Photocall-Bridal Party


Nothing is easier than hanging some flowers simulating a curtain as the background of a photocall and if you also have some armchairs at home that can be used, it will be that ideal.

Olivia's Party-Photocall-Boyfriends


Another idea is to add a tulle fabric to the flower curtain, it is another style and it will give a totally different look, and it is also brutal.

Olivia's Party-Photocall-Boyfriends


The most important thing will be the memory they will have, the laughs and moments that will be unforgettable. Therefore, if a friend of yours is getting married this season, propose one of these ideas, I assure you that it will be more than ideal!


Any single bride waits (in secret) to have a bridal party, so... friends of the bride, get ready! Here, you can find some ideas or -must have- stuff that will help you to create the must wonderful bridal party ever.

-Balloons everywhere! With the BRIDE word, a LOVE balloon of tons of balloons around the place would make even more special the moment.

-A Candy or Drink bar, it's the best way to make everyone feel comfortable and free to get what they want, and it looks cool as well!

-And never forget a photocall, it's a must in every party!

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