Costume ideas for homemade Carnival

Now that Carnival is getting closer we want to bring you some DIY that can help you when it comes to making your own costume for the little ones in the house. Dressing up brings many benefits, it can help them to enhance the "play at being", giving free rein to their imagination and fostering their creativity. They can also have fun and have a good time with their costume. And if they collaborate doing it, much better!

Princess' crown

If she is wearing a princess costume, a basic accessory is the crown, and for that we recommend this one, which apart from being very pretty is very simple!

Materials: Paper roll or cardboard cup, markers, colored glitter, stickers, paints, glue, scissors and elastic band.

Difficulty: easy

DIY crown

Via: Pinterest

TIP: To make the crown even more like a princess, we recommend putting glitter in the color that you like best.

astronaut costume

For this astronaut costume we leave you the step by step so you can follow it. Maybe you need a little more time when doing it but the result is ideal!

Materials: Duct tape, cutter, hot glue gun, red, orange and yellow clothes, pool noodle, rubber band and space suit

Difficulty: Hard

DIY astronaut costume

Via: Izzaroo

Baby Pineapple Costume

If you have a newborn, we also want to recommend a pineapple costume that looks great. It has a little more work but it is step by step so you don't lose detail and you can follow it without problem.

Materials: paper roll, glue, scissors, green ribbon, green paper, green cloth, a white baby bodysuit and yellow paper cloth.

Difficulty: Medium

DIY Pineapple Costume

Via: Say Yes

Costume with balloons

If you want something original that generates a wow effect and that is not very complicated to do, you have this option with balloons to make a cloud costume.

Materials: Gray or blue balloons, yellow cardboard to make the lightning bolt, pencil, scissors, needle and thread.

Difficulty: Medium

DIY cloud costume

Via: Say Yes

cardboard flame

If you want to surprise with an accessory that looks really cute, you can make this cardboard llama and dress it according to the occasion.

Materials: Cardboard, scissors, paint, markers, rope, cutter and glue.

Difficulty: Medium

DIY llama costume

snail costume

If you think a snail costume isn't very flashy, it's because you haven't seen this one yet. Here you will find the step by step to make this beautiful costume. 

Materials: Kraft paper, masking tape, a headband, styrofoam balls, fabric ribbons, and a glue gun.

Difficulty: Medium

DIY snail costume

Via: Oh Happy Day

candy costume

The sweetest costume is this! A candy costume that is ideal, you will need a little more time to do it but the result is spectacular.

Materials: newspaper, flour, water, bowl, white string, 36” balloon, white spray paint, acrylic paint, cellophane, double-sided tape, and elastic.

Difficulty: High

DIY Candy Costume

dino mask

This accessory is very easy to make and it is ideal to combine it with your Dino costume . You can also decorate it with the colors and shapes you want!

Materials: a straw of the color you want, although we recommend kraft, a plate with white waves, to paint green, or a green one, cardboard, glue, colored markers and scissors.

Difficulty: easy

TIP: Another option is to replace the straw and make two small holes on the sides of the mask and pass an elastic string over the head.

DIY dino mask

We hope we have helped you with these ideas!

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