The definitive check list and quantity calculator for a children's party.

One of the questions that you ask us daily, both in the physical store and on social networks at La Fiesta de Olivia , is about what products and quantities to buy for a children's party taking into account the number of children invited.

After several years advising on the purchase of your parties, we have created our own quantity calculator and our Check List with the essential products that you will need to buy for a children's party .

Organizing any party usually takes a long time, we know, but we also know that many of you really enjoy the process and that you develop your most creative side and love it, despite the work it gives you. This happens to us every day!

We are sure that this free downloadable will help you a lot when it comes time to organize yourself, calculate the quantities well without missing anything, but also without buying too much.

We hope you enjoy it, if you don't download it, don't worry! We will add it inside the box in your next purchase. :) Enjoy it!



This table is indicative and is designed to calculate the quantities needed for a basic party kit for a children's birthday . We have taken into account the usual units that we can find depending on the product in our La Fiesta de Olivia shop.
Adults who can attend the party as companions are not counted in these amounts. In case of setting up a buffet table, it is advisable to increase the amounts of napkins and glasses by approximately 30%.


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