The ABC's to decorate a party and two very TOP girls' party themes

Before you panic, get tangled up with the thousands of ideas that you will find on social networks and spend more money, there are some basic rules to decorate any party:

If not? Don't worry, we have a plan B for everything, you'll see...

1. Think that you too can be one of those Pinterest artists, discover that the ideas you see, you can do. And if not , there is always a friend, neighbor or someone out there who will be good at it and will be happy to help you.

2. A little imagination, to reinvent the usual decoration: balloons, streamers, napkins, etc. a small detail makes all the difference. And if the ideas don't come to you, in our Party book you will find thousands of creative ideas to give a different touch to your party.

3. Organizing ideas (and purchases!), is the most important thing. There is no worse combination for shopping than excitement combined with confusion because then we make impulse purchases that we don't know what to do with. At this point, our maxim is: less is more. And it doesn't fail. And if you don't know how to do it, our website is ideal in the order of ideas, because in each party theme you will find the essential products so that everything combines, nothing is missing and you can create a unique atmosphere.

4. And let's get to work! This is it the best part (for those of us who like all this crafts and decoration) get to work, personalize more, decorate and assemble the party. The results are very satisfying and then seeing everyone enjoying it is everything! And if you don't get into crafts, you can go back to your friend, neighbor, or someone out there who loves it.

How are the parties that follow these 4 simple rules? It's that incredible! You will see two different parties but with the same prominence (unicorns) and with magic everywhere!

Unicorns at home!

If you live somewhere where the cold arrived (although it seemed that it would never arrive) this party is ideal, it is the best inspiration to decorate an interior space. You will see that there is little you need to turn a space at home into a magical world of unicorns.

girls parties olivia party

party girls olivia's party

Olivia's Party, Unicorn Party

Balloons have become a party essential. These balloons give a magical touch to this party, you can find them all in our Shop: Mylar stars in pink and light blue, the giant transparent balloon decorated with confetti and paper tail and the balloon with a Party message in pink, these balloons are the Must of the holidays this year! The iridescent strip curtain in the background is an easy and inexpensive way to decorate the back of a party table, as well as giving it a magical touch...

girl party cake

The star flare on the Macarons cake I couldn't like it more!


Olivia's Party, Unicorn Party

If you want to see more details about this party, be sure to visit the 100 Layer Cake Blog

Unicorns in the park

If you are still in the eternal summer, a park or garden is the best place for a party and if it is for unicorns, much more! Nature gives a magical touch to the decoration, look for a tree to put under the Candy Bar, to hang pompoms from the branches and to be able to drink lemonade in the shade. This beautiful party is set up in a beautiful park in Barcelona. I leave you photos that you will surely love and will give you many ideas...

unicorn party

unicorn party

Once again the balloons are protagonists! I couldn't like the huge balloon garland that "climbs" up the tree more. I love the combination of white, purple and gold colors. Don't you feel like making one? In our shop you will find latex balloons of these colors and a balloon garland tape that can help you.

Olivia's Party Unicorn Cake

The Unicorn piñata is one of our TOP, it couldn't be cuter!

unicorn party

unicorn party

unicorn party

I hope you like this party as much as we do and if you want to see more details you can visit the Hip Hip Hurray Blog where you will surely love everything.

They have chosen the following products from our shop:

Plates, iridescent glasses, Unicorn Piñata, napkins, Confetti and much more from our Unicorn collection .

Don't forget that until today, November 8, we have a 20% discount on the entire unicorn collection on the web and in the new store in Barcelona, ​​which we like more every day.

What will your unicorn party be like? Tag us with the hashtag #lafiestadeolivia, we'd love to see it!


If you have a unicorn party just around the corner, don't panic! there are 4 simple rules to follow to decorate a wonderful party:

1. Think that you can be a Pinterest artist too! look for the ideas you can do, and if you need some help ask some friend, neighbor or family they'll be more than happy to help.

2. A little bit of imagination, be creative and change the traditional use of balloons, napkins, confetti, etc. A small detail makes everything look greater!

3. Make a checklist so you do not overspend. You can go to our online shop we have perfect categories with the products you will need depending on the theme party.

4. And now, get the ball rolling! it´s all about crafts and DIY, and you´ll be surprised by the magic that you have (like the unicorns ;)

Here we share with you, two inspirations about unicorn parties. The first inside of you cozy house if the fall it's already at your door. If you live in a forever summer the idea of ​​making a unicorn theme party at the park it´s lovely!

Enjoy and the best part: you can find all you see at our shop!

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