A witch spell for children on Halloween

Among all the products that we have dedicated to Halloween , our favorite and the funniest is the Boom! Halloween . A very special enchanted piñata, which contains surprise items inside for the little ones.

Piñata Boom Halloween Olivia's Party

To undo the midnight spell and see what it contains inside, it is necessary to read a spell of witches and wizards. We recommend that an adult be the emcee and hold the balloon aloft or place it on the ground while you read the incantation and follow the instructions below.

To set the scene and create that Halloween environment, you can put the list of songs that we have created for this day on Spotify for Olivia's Party in the background. We leave you the link so you can access directly and put the list that we have created especially for you here .

Step by step to discover what the Halloween Boom piñata hides

  1. Turn off the lights, put on scary music and choose your best costume. You have to get in a circle around the piñata Boom!.
  2. Hold it high or on the ground.
  3. An adult master of ceremonies (in charge of popping the balloon), has to put on the witch's hat and the magic wand.
  4. The chief witch will be in charge of saying each sentence aloud, and the children repeat it, all doing the action that is requested in parentheses.


We will say this magical Halloween spell and have fun!
Frog legs, jump jump (jump)
Partridge legs and quail eyes, may you be sooooo happy today and always
Bat wings fly flying (move your arms as if you were flying)
Spider web and a few feats, stop staring at the shrews
Vampire Fangs laughs laughing (gives a loud laugh)
Color ghost enjoy these sweets 
Witch's broom sweep sweeping (sweep with impetus)
Haunting Witch Cauldron (Use the needle)
And with this spell the balloon will burst! (Puncture the balloon with the needle)

Once you have read the spell, with a sharp object you can pop the balloon so that it explodes and all the surprises inside fall out, thus breaking the spell.

It is a very original and fun way to keep the little ones in the house entertained and at the same time have fun and have a good time.

Do not forget to share with us your piñata Boom! Halloween tagging us in your posts or through the hashtag #lafiestadeolivia, we'll be delighted to see it!

We wish you a happy and fun Halloween night !

Piñata Boom Halloween Olivia's Party

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