Inspiration for a Circus party.

We're going to party! We want to show you a selection of beautiful things to decorate your party in the purest circus style. The Circus is an ideal theme for a children's party since polka dots , stripes and multicolored stars fit and can be combined perfectly, as well as being a theme that works for both girls, boys and adults!

In our store you will find the new Meri Meri Toot Sweet collection inspired by a colorful circus afternoon, original napkins with stars, boxes for sweets ideal for personalizing with the names of your guests, clown noses for a Photocall and our famous individual plastic bottles with super safe Eco paper straws for your children!

And if you want ideas, be sure to visit our Pinterest board that we have dedicated to the Circus and articles on our Blog with ideas on how to set up a Photocall or make up a child as a clown!

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls... welcome to the circus in the purest style of Olivia's Party .

1. Bases and toppers for your Cupcakes 2. Individual bottles for parties 3. Clown nose for your Photocall 4. Our Pinterest board dedicated to the Circus 5. Cups with polka dots from the new Toot Sweet collection by Meri Meri 6. A Photocall in our Blog 7.Napkins full of color 8. Customizable boxes for your sweets and gifts .

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