24 educational ideas for your DIY advent calendar

Christmas is approaching, the most magical time of the year. That is why today we want to share with you a downloadable with labels with numbers and beautiful illustrations for your advent calendar and also the best... a list with 24 educational ideas so that you can assemble the calendar with the little ones in the house.

free advent calendar

You can download your advent calendar, cut it out and put it in bags or boxes, and inside each one a detail. We have a list of 24 educational ideas or activities to put inside your advent calendar. You will see that doing it with your children is a way to spend family time learning and sharing, creating a very cute family tradition.

little gifts for advent Olivia's Party

24 easy and educational ideas to put in your advent calendar with children:

1. Christmas movies and popcorn night.

We recommend some Christmas movies for movie, blanket and popcorn day: The Magical Christmas of the Jangles , Home Alone, Noelle, The Claus Family, Arthur Christmas: Operación Regalo.

2. Gift mom and dad to do a homework. We leave you with some suggestions: stretch out the bed, take out the dishwasher, walk the dog, etc... it will depend on the age.

3. A new ornament for the Christmas tree.

We suggest you take the type of paper that you like the most, and draw a star with a pencil and cut it out. Once cut out, decorate your star however you like. When it is ready, make a hole with the hole punch in the upper part and pass the tape to be able to put it on the Christmas tree.

4. Some seeds to plant and watch grow.

If you have nowhere to plant the seeds, you can take lentil seeds and do it with damp cotton.

5. A fun test like guessing an animal or a movie with mime.

6. Read a Christmas story, a joke or a riddle.

7. Cooking Christmas cookies one afternoon for snacks or as gifts. Here is my infallible butter cookie recipe to decorate.

8. Glitter or "magic stardust" to show the way to the wise men.

9. A tiny candle to light for a loved one who is gone, someone who is sick, or simply to say thank you for what we have.

10. A coin to buy a whim the next day.

11. An envelope of stickers for the album.

12. A sachet of magical reindeer food with oatmeal and colored noodles.

13. Call or zoom in on a family member we haven't seen for a long time and they'll be very excited.

14. A flashlight to play with at night before we go to bed.

15. Play a board game as a family.

16. Today it's pizza and ice cream at night.

17. A typical Christmas treasure as a Nativity scene figure.

18. Make a list of Christmas songs. Here are some ideas: Baby, It's Cold Outside (Glee Cast Version) (feat. Darren Criss) - Glee Cast, Darren Criss. Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas (feat. Esperanza Spalding) - John Legend, Esperanza Spalding. Winter Wonderland -Tony Bennett. Santa Claus Is Comin' to Town - Bruce Springsteen. Christmas Lights - Cold Play. Cool Yule - Louis Armstrong, The Commanders. Santa Baby - Kylie Minogue. Last Christmas - Wham!

19. Christmas candies or chocolates. A day is a day!

20. Stickers or Washitapes, to decorate Christmas gifts.

21. A special white marker to paint the glass with Christmas drawings.

22. Go out warm at night looking at the stars with a blanket until late.

23. This afternoon we set up the tree or the nativity scene at home.

24. Make the letter for Santa Claus or the kings. Here we leave you our free letters to print. DOWNLOAD OUR SANTA CLAUS LETTER

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