A superhero birthday party as protagonists!

Finally we succeeded. We have found the superhero party that everyone will love, both us moms and the kids! Look at that birthday party with decorations for flesh and blood superheroes!

Our children will be extremely happy with some capes and badges like the ones in these images, running around with their fists raised as if they were the bravest superhero in the city.


catch my party



Print these buttons on your home printer and stick them to their t-shirts or capes. You will succeed!


To decorate a Superhero-themed party, it is best to combine products from our new Superheroes collection with others that are of the same colours. This way you will have a very nice party and with the right elements. For the table we propose you some fun glasses like these with a Pop Art touch and matching blue or red straws.



If you are thinking of setting up a Candy Bar, then you will love popcorn boxes to make them feel like they are in the theater watching their favorite movie. A few will also look great on your table with popcorn inside or sweets.

And to decorate the wall you can use this superhero garland and some balloons in blue, red and white tones. If the space is large, combine the garland with some crepe paper ribbons of the same colors that are connected by air.

To end the party we bring you this idea to make a very original photobooth . Assemble a set on the floor with some blue or white sheets to simulate the sky, make some clouds and some houses out of cardboard and paint them in different colors.

The only thing left for the little ones to have fun is throwing themselves on the ground and taking these fun photos! Do not you think?


An idea from one more mushroom

As always, if you liked these ideas, we have many more collected on our pinterest board. We wait for you there!


  • Eva pik-nik

    Me encantan estas ideas, el año preparé una fiesta de superheroes para mi hijo mayor en nuestra sala privada pik-nik de Terrassa.
    Si buscais un lugar para celebrar una fiesta privada echad un vistazo a nuestra web www.pik-nik.es.

  • Paloma


    Las capas de superhéroes se pueden comprar? Gracias.

  • ideas para fiesta de cumpleaños

    Toda la decoraci´on me parece super original, y la idea de ponerle las capitas para jugar es muy buena!

  • ester

    Hola muy lindas ideas sera que tiene algunas ideas de juegos

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