Martina's communion: decoration of the room and tables

A couple of weeks ago we were commissioned to decorate Top City, a room for events in the attic of the Hotel Princesa Sofía in Barcelona for a First Communion party. The place has a lot of light and without a doubt offers one of the best views in all of Barcelona. In this ideal place, Martina's Communion could be spectacular... What an illusion these orders make us!!!!!

We had to make the room stop looking like a serious convention room and transform it with small details, into a room full of light, lighter to the eye, more suitable to celebrate the first communion of a girl.


Transparent bubble balloons decorated with confetti inside and a label with Liberty flower motifs personalized with the date and Martina's name decorated the room.


At the back of our room was a large wooden wall. We covered it with tissue paper fans in the colors of our party... with this we already broke with the dark wood of the room and filled it with light, color and joy. This background was perfect for the children's snack table.


The tables with white tablecloths and the chairs with the hotel's white covers gave an elegant and fresher touch to the place. To make the decoration not look serious, we decorated the tables with elements that Martina liked. We set up centerpieces with glass bottles filled with the Paniculata flower that decorates a lot, honeycomb balls in mint green, pale pink and ivory colors.



Some tables had the letter M and others a Marquee Love Lights star and others had a pink ice cream-shaped light bulb . As it was an afternoon communion, the lamps were turned on at each of the tables, creating a very pleasant atmosphere. In addition, turning them on was very easy, because they have batteries... there were no cables or plugs in the middle.


Meri Meri's Liberty London collection of little flowers was perfect for decorating the children's tables and the Poppy Daisy Cocktail napkins were on all the tables and unified the adult and children's tables.


A wooden sign painted by hand with white chalk, welcomed the guests at the entrance of the party and then it was perfect to decorate our Photocall.



We decorate our cart with sweets, cupcakes and cookies specially decorated for the occasion. To give color and a fun touch to this corner we chose the ice cream theme, in pastel colors. The labels, table markers and toppers from the ice cream collection (available for free when you purchase our Holidays book) gave us that special touch that graphic design gives to any candy table.


A curtain of crepe paper ribbons topped with pastel colored Pom Poms were the perfect background for our Photocall . The garland of letters in pastel colors from A Little Lovely Company gave us a lot of play... with it we indicated the BAR, MARTINA's dessert cart and a big TACHAN for the Photocall .


photo call

I hope you like this Post and it gives you many ideas to decorate your First Communion party in a restaurant. I leave you a list of all the things that we used in the decoration of this party so that you can copy the ideas.

In this decoration we have used the following products:
Tissue paper fans for the back wall
Honeycomb balls , glass bottles , tissue paper confetti and Marquee Love letters of lights and ice cream lamps for the centerpieces.
Personalized labels with flower motifs to decorate balloons, centrepieces, cookies and details to give as gifts.
Wooden sign made to measure for Martina's Communion.

Styling and assembly Olivia's Party. Copyright © 2016 Olivia's Party.
Photographs Mai love feels / Collaboration Events El Columpio

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