Printed marshmallows!


Marshmallows or as we say in Spain "sugar clouds" are very fashionable, we see thousands of very original ideas and recipes every day using them as a base. I personally love them because they remind me of my childhood... they are soft, very easy to eat and they are delicious!

There are a thousand ways to eat and prepare them... hot over a campfire, presented on skewers, dipped in colored balls or coconut, as a base for a chocolate fondee... anyway. On some occasion we have dedicated a post with ideas on how to decorate Marshmallows, if you missed it I will leave it here

What we had never seen were Marshmallows stamped with edible pencils and stamps... they make me mad!

We are going to need:

Plain white marshmallows, the originals

Edible markers or food coloring

small rubber stamps

Colored paper straws or wooden skewers


Just paint the chosen stamp with the edible marker or smear it very gently with a paintbrush and stamp!


Once stamped, click with colored paper straws or wooden skewers and that's it! Ideal right?



More details of the DIY at

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