A cake made by me

Hello, I'm a little embarrassed but... I have to show you this cake that I made at home for my daughters to take for Grandparents' Day that they celebrate every year at school. It is a very special day for them and the children can bring a homemade cake to compete and the truth is that you cannot imagine the number of cakes that come together. My daughters asked me for a very pink Valentine's cake and "Casa de herrero cuchillo de palo" I got confused, I didn't know what to do and the truth was that I had very little time. I went to a store specializing in kitchen things near my house, bought four things and the following came out:

In the end I made a basic natural yogurt cake with pink coloring

I covered it completely with a Marshmallow paste that was delicious!

Then the girls decorated this sparkly pink cake with mini white Marshmallows.

We made little flowers around it and a big heart with hot pink Icing that comes ready with the nozzles prepared

The result was this, have what you think! The important thing is that my daughters loved it and had a great time doing it.

Once again, I believe that you don't have to spend a lot of money to have a different cake, with a little imagination you can do very cool things with children. See you soon!

3 days later...

It was great but we didn't win...

:( After seeing the participants it was quite logical!

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