chocolate spoons

Isn't this idea great? We are sure that your children will love to participate in the making of these spoons filled with chocolate and sweets, a very original recipe. And even more to eat them later with your friends and plunge them into a glass of hot milk. It's very easy, you just have to melt the chocolate, pour it into each spoon and add the accessories. You can make them with white or dark chocolate and choose the accessories according to the theme of your next children's birthday party or snack.

There are a thousand ways to make them... we hope it works for you!

step by step here

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  • Agueda

    Hola, me encanta esta idea, es genial, pero me gustaría saber si se pueden tener varios días en la nevera, y cuando llegue el dia del cumple, solo sacarlas y ya esta…
    Por favor, agradecería que me contestaran urgente, ya que quiero hacerlas ahora mismo.
    Un saludo y me encantan vuestras ideas.

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