Ideas with clouds for your parties

Look at the ideas to do with clouds ... and what about how decorative they are? Best of all, they are actually very easy to make. They can be dipped in chocolate, dulce de leche, condensed milk, glaze with coloring and then covered with colored noodles, grated coconut, a double layer of white chocolate, chopped walnuts or almonds... whatever you can think of is 100% valid. .

Can you imagine your tables full of clouds and colors on your birthdays or snacks.

Via amyatlas , bakerella , glorioustreats .



  • sonia villegas

    se ven padrisimos los bombones en forma de cupcake! me encanto!

  • Ana

    Me gustaria que me dierais la receta de las nubes xq no se hacer la masa solo veo ideas para la decoracion

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