Do you know Cath Kidston?

Did you know who Cath Kidston is? She is the owner of a brand and it turns out that the Daily Mail has chosen her the 7th most influential woman in England, even ahead of Kate Moss. It is not surprising that the Japanese follow their collections with true cult.

Its products are very easy to distinguish: they have little flowers, polka dots and a lot of color. The success of the brand is in the revision of the aesthetics of the English country house and is supported by the rise of craftsmanship, the retro and the small.

Cath Kidston Ltd. was founded in 1993 when it opened a tiny shop in London's Holland Park. She began by selling brightly painted fabrics, wallpapers, and junk furniture that she remembered from her childhood.
Gradually Cath began to design her own products, one of the first being an ironing board cover printed in an all-floral style, establishing her style and fame. The originality of its articles and its strong personality make its products unique.

Until now, to buy their products you had to do it only in England or through their website with high shipping costs.

At La Fiesta de Olivia we have brought an exclusive selection of Cath Kidston products ideal for decorating your tables at parties, snacks or any occasion you want.

Welcome to the new Flower Power!

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