And the Summer Parties arrived!

If you are thinking of celebrating a refreshing and beautiful summer party , La Fiesta de Olivia is your best option. We have decoration that adapts very well whether your celebration is indoors or outdoors.

Taking into account the trends of the colors that are most popular this summer 2021, we have tableware and decoration in shades of red , orange , fuchsia and mint . These colors are ideal for summer and you can make a nice table as well as decoration for the party.

If you prefer to have a themed summer party, we have different collections that can fit together and that are spectacular!

A collection that is very beautiful and summery is the Indian Summer Party theme, with flowers and in fuchsia, blue, green and wood tones with natural fibers.

Indian Summer Party
indian summer party

If you want a more tropical table and decoration, we have the Eco Tropical Party option, where you will find palm leaf plates , kraft paper straws , products made with natural jute and pine wood. If you want to make it even more tropical, we have the golden pineapple glass available to give a touch to your table, or you can even put a mixed garland of tropical leaves to decorate.

Eco Tropical Party
Eco Tropical Party

What is more summery than some palm trees ? Well, we also have a collection of this theme! This collection is very elegant and at the same time chic and fresh. Brown, green, kraft and blue colors predominate.


If you prefer more cheerful colors and give it a floral and fun touch, the boho collection is your best option! Mixing flowers, llamas and Frida Kahlo, you will get a beautiful summer party with vibrant and vivid colors.

BOHO party

If you celebrate your summer party outside, something that can be very nice is to take natural raffia baskets and put one or two pots inside. One idea is to take pots with flowers or anti-mosquito plants. That way it will look chic and at the same time you will avoid being bitten! If you celebrate the summer party inside, you can use the same natural raffia baskets, but adding candy jars for the guests, and decorate the inside with garlands .

Something that you can do whether the summer party is inside the house or outside is to make a lemonade to serve very cold and put it in our drink dispenser with metal lid and tap . 

Ingredients for homemade lemonade:

8-10 beautiful yellow lemons
400 gr. of sugar
800 ml. of water
Mint, mint or basil leaves
A lot of ice
Lime to decorate or lemons
1 pitaya (optional to give it a pink touch)

Preparation of homemade lemonade:

1. Using a fine grater, grate the zest of 4 previously washed lemons and reserve the zest on a separate plate.
2. Then squeeze a total of 6 lemons: the 4 grated lemons and 2 more apart.

3. Heat the 800 ml of water with the 400 gr of sugar over low heat until it dissolves very well. Once our mixture is dissolved, we let it cool.

4. Add the lemon zest to the mixture that we have reserved, stir and leave to marinate
for 5 minutes.
5. Cut 2 lemons, the limes you want to add in slices and the pitaya slices (optional for a pink touch) to place inside your pitcher or beverage dispenser. Now add the ice, the lemon and lime slices and add a few mint or basil leaves to your mix. Add the lemon juice that you have previously squeezed, stir and ready to serve!

Homemade Lemonade Olivia's Party

Don't forget to share the results of your summer party with us by tagging us in your posts or using the hashtag #lafiestadeolivia, we'll be delighted to see your photos!

A hug!

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