Candy Bar for an Explorers party

If what you are looking for is to get away from the typical children's theme, explorers and animals is a very fun theme for a birthday party or even First Communion.

What kid doesn't like jungle animals? It is an ideal theme for young and older children, which instills a love for animals, adventures and nature... I personally love it! In this Post I give you ideas on how to set up a Candy Bar for an Explorers party and some of my tricks to make it perfect without major complications. :)


Before designing a party, we always present the materials that we are going to use and set up a small Moodboard. This will help us later to create a common thread and that everything has coherence. In this photograph you can see a part of the Moodboard of this Safari party.

The protagonists of this table are the animals, the Kraft cardboard, the Eco wooden tableware, the blackboard, the sackcloth and the Cactus that are so fashionable this season we have used to decorate the tables.




donut tower cake safari
Create an improvised "cake" with a tower of "Donuts" on a pastry base to give them height and decorate them with a topper. In my book Parties you will find all the DIY of this party so that you can copy it exactly and I promise you guaranteed success :)


Your children's animals are perfect for decorating your boats and hanging labels with the names of the food or nice phrases. "Biting frogs" ,"Poisonous snakes" etc... Stick them to the lids of your jars.

A piece of advice: Use jars and jars of different sizes and heights. Always put the tallest ones back and in the corners. Creating a visual slope with the location of the different elements of your table will make it look more orderly and harmonious.

Another tip: When filling your jars, place the sweets inside them in an orderly manner and do not put too much. It is better to refill when they run out than to fill them to the top.

If you liked this table and want to set up your own, don't miss the products from the Safari party collection that is available in our shop here


Alicia from Oh My Goodies has designed these ideal party invitations that you can download for free by buying our Party book or buying the printable loose in the online Shop here .

These photographs are part of our Fiestas book recently published by Cúpula books from Planeta editorial and were taken by our dear Miriam Nuñez Kiss and Chips , the styling and production of La Fiesta de Olivia.

I remind you that the labels for the animal jars, invitations and the printable WILD banner can be downloaded for free once you have the Fiestas book in your hands. I hope you like it and enjoy it as much as we do. :)

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