Woodland party for Olivia and FREE downloadable welcome sign

Our Olivia's birthday is in October and October is an autumn month in Spain. However, in Barcelona, ​​where we live, it is still possible to celebrate an outdoor party.

I owed you this post a year ago, I'm sorry... Honestly, I didn't feel like showing you this party at any other time of the year than Autumn. For this reason I have waited until today to write it.

I tell you in great detail as I know you like it... :)

The place chosen was Happy Milk , a story garden in El Barrio de Sarriá in Barcelona where children can play quietly. In addition to being a place to celebrate parties, it is a place that works as a playroom and a lot of other things. It is a wonder! Absolutely recommended.

On the terrace, we set up a birthday table for Olivia's friends. I wanted something sober, I was a bit tired of unicorns of a thousand colors and I wanted the party to be inspired by the forest. To those of you who have been following me for a while, it won't seem strange... very much in my line. It is a table with "simple" details, with a natural touch that I always like, without great paraphernalia....

I chose the tones of stone, pale pink, wood, natural green moss and a touch of Neon to give it a special touch. I used the Meri Meri pink and Neon Vichy square collection , I had wanted to use it for a party for a long time and combined with wood it was ideal.

A single huge transparent Bubble balloon on one side of the table was the protagonist on a very thick green wall of vines that was the perfect background for my table.

For snacks: traditional sandwiches, "some" sweets in our little jars (you have them available in the shop here ), precious and delicious Cake Pops and Cupcakes that our friends from Lolita Bakery prepared as always, and a corner of natural Yoghurt with Toppings and cut fruit, which to my surprise...was a resounding success.

A good piece of advice... set up a Yogurth bar at your next party, you won't regret it. I bought the glass jar yogurts from the supermarket and put a lot of toppings to choose from. Tiny chopped cookies, strawberries, nuts, cereals, jams and honey. It flew....it was over within the first minute. Easy, healthy and super fun the fact of mounting each one their own Yoghurth to their pint.

We use a stone-colored linen tablecloth that combines with everything, melamine stands of different sizes, wooden slices and some boxes to give height. I think that the touch of this table was given by the natural moss that we distributed around the table as a path and the vine in the background that was in the beautiful garden of Happy milk.

In our Woodland Party collection you can find the products that we have used in this party.







party-autumn-girl-olivia's-party party-autumn-girl-olivia's-party party-autumn-girl-olivia's-party

The snack was set up on some picnic tables that they had at Happy Milk under an ideal porch. Each girl had a wooden box, with a bottle of water, a paper straw, a name tag, a headband to personalize, and her snack.

We did a workshop on crowns with natural flowers, very easy to assemble and it was a great success. In the middle of the table we put all the materials: Preserved flowers, silicone gun, thin wires, pliers, scissors and felt. The girls cut out the ears and glued the flowers and ears to the deer headband.

The result was a success. The girls mounted their headbands and they were very very pretty. The truth is, I love this type of craft that can be done with girls of these ages (10 years and up). They concentrate, they have a lot of fun doing something creative with their hands and with an ideal result.


I leave you this printable poster as a gift that you can download for FREE AT THIS LINK so that you can use it if you want to throw a similar party. If you use it, I only ask you one favor: tag us on social networks @fiestadeolivia so we can see your parties. Nothing makes us more excited ... :)

I hope this party inspires you, it gives you ideas to copy at home and you have as much fun as we did designing and setting up this party. The face of my daughter Olivia and her friends was worth all the effort. Thanks for reading me :)


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  • Abuela Pepa

    Por razones familiares luctuosas, hace 3 años organice una fiesta Halloween en mi casa para mis nietos y un amiguito/a por cada uno de ellos (mi casa no es muy grande) y, fue tal el exito, que cada año esperan la fiesta halloween de la abuela Pepa. He descubierto una creatividad que desconocia que tenia y cada año intento superarme. Os doy las gracias, porque me encanta vuestro espacio y es de gran ayuda. Un abrazo para todo el equipo. Ah! El proximo febrero me jubilare y……..quien sabe!!

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