Do you want to surprise someone? Give away our WOW BOX

If you already knew our classic WOW BOXes with their candy jar, their personalized message and their inflated balloon, you will love the new ones that have arrived and are now available at Olivia's Party ! An ideal gift for that special person you want to surprise. We have different WOW BOX themes so you can choose the one that best suits what you want to give away.

WOW BOX Classic

The WOW BOX Candies is ideal for those with a sweet tooth. It includes a suitcase of XL sweets of the best quality on the market, decorated with a fabric ribbon. It also has a balloon inflated with helium, all this will go inside the pop up box, and once it is opened, the orbit balloon will rise. 


The WOW BOX Rag Doll will make you dream! Take a Meri Meri Party doll that you can choose from several, the decision will not be easy! All the dolls are sewn and made by hand, and they are all beautiful. This WOW BOX also has a helium-inflated orbit balloon. Everything will go inside the pop up box.

WOW BOX Ragdoll

The WOW BOX Rifle Paper & Co is very precious, you can choose between several stationery products from the well-known American brand Rifle Paper. You can also add a bouquet of preserved flowers that will match the flower theme of the brand. As in all WOW BOXes, the orbit balloon inflated with helium will also go. All this will go inside the pop up box ready to be opened.

WOW BOX Rifle Ppaer & Co

The WOW BOX Welcome baby is perfect as a gift for newborns. You can choose the products that best suit you, from a bath gel, a body lotion, ecological teethers, preserved flower bouquets or boxes of chocolate. Ready to put inside the pop up box with the orbit balloon inflated with helium.

WOW BOX welcome baby

The WOW BOX Costume is ideal to give to the little ones in the house, it includes a costume that you can choose from the Meri Meri collection. All costumes are designed to be easily layered over clothing, as most of them are capes. The hard part will be making them remove the disguise! It also includes the orbit balloon inflated with helium.

WOW BOX Costume

The Harney & Sons Tea WOW BOX is perfect for tea lovers. Each tea bag is made of silk so that the flavor of the infusion is not spoiled and so that it does not break as is often the case with traditional paper bags. You can choose between different types of tea, plus the cans are very nice, each can includes 20 units. You can also add the preserved flower bouquet to give it a touch, and include the inflated orbit balloon ready to surprise!

WOW BOX Harney & Sons

The WOW BOX Chocolate is designed for chocolate lovers, it includes a very nice 12-ounce box of Simón Coll chocolate. We have different flavors available so you can choose the one that best suits you. You can also include a bouquet of preserved flowers that you can choose to give it a more chic touch. Includes the inflated orbit balloon and everything inside the pop up box to be delivered.

WOW BOX Chocolate

The WOW BOX dinos is focused for lovers of dinosaurs. Choose from the variety we offer of dinosaur figures, dinosaur masks and a chocolate bar. If you like this theme, it will be a total success! And like all the previous ones, it also goes inside its pop up box and with the orbit balloon inflated with helium.


In all our WOW BOX you can write the message you want and we will put it in a basic greeting card. If you prefer to choose the greeting card, you can do it too! For each WOW BOX, depending on the theme, we propose two suggestions of invitations that you can choose and that will be ideal! 

Whether it is the classic WOW BOX or one of the new ones that we have released, it will surely not leave anyone indifferent and it will be a nice gift. 

Don't forget to share them with us by tagging us in your posts or using the hashtag #lafiestadeolivia, we'll be delighted to see your surprise!

A hug!

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