Our favorites for Halloween in the style of Frida Kahlo

Our party essentials are already a classic on our blog. We really like to share our tips and ideas so that you can set up the most beautiful tables yourself.

Once again, here are the most essential products for a Halloween party, this time in the purest Day of the Dead style in the most Mexican style . It is a perfect mix between a thousand flowers, bright and very lively colors as well as a few skulls. We told you about the inspiration for a ´Coco´ style party in the previous post , do you remember?


The base color for this party is without a doubt black... and the garland with calligraphic lettering in gold "Day of the Dead " is a basic and it's brutal. Then comes the color, a range of strong and bright colors that fill the space.


The skull masks are a Must Have, you can put them on the table giving a fun touch or as a mask for your Photocall. Give it a feminine touch with a flower headband and look pretty!



one / two / three / four / five


If you are thinking of doing a ´day of the dead´ halloween party, here are our ´musts´ to get into the mood. By clicking the image you can go directly to the whole collection and find out all the ideas and products we have to help you with your next boho Halloween!

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