The new costumes that will make you fall in love.

Playing dress up creates great benefits such as developing the imagination and creativity of boys and girls. The theatricalization that this game entails encourages creating different and fun characters and situations, seeing the world from another point of view and fostering empathy.

At La Fiesta de Olivia we are a huge fan of costumes and their benefits for children, which is why we have a wide range of the most ideal costumes of the best quality for our children from the Meri Meri and Great Pretenders brands.

They cannot be more beautiful, delicate and, best of all, easy to use. Some are made of soft tulle and velvet, full of details and applications and quality trimmings. Touching them, it gives the costume feeling like the ones before. Surely you know what I'm talking about, those that were made 100% by hand and with love, designed by a real designer, who transforms a child's costume to play in one of those pieces that you keep with love, inherit for your granddaughters tomorrow or give someone you love very much.

The mermaid one is amazing... the tail that is tied at the waist is full of large iridescent sequins that is to die for and the Dinosaur capes are your favourites, very easy to wear and best of all... they go straight to the washing machine without spoiling.

They are all a real treasure! I leave you photos from the Meri Meri and Great Pretenders catalog this season and direct links to the costume collection in our shop to see what you think.

costume cape dinosaur great pretenders Olivia's Party

ballerina costume great pretenders




Costume-boy-girl-meri-meri-olivia's-party Costume-girl-meri-meri-olivia's-party costume-child-swan-meri-meri

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