The most beautiful signature books for weddings and parties in the world

We had been looking for the most beautiful signature books for a long time and we finally have them, they are here! And best of all, they are designed and printed in Spain by two Sevillian friends, Jesús and Carmen.


They form Le Blue , a graphic design studio that designs ideal products to celebrate life, colour, design and beautiful things full of small details.

Their products are of high quality and are designed so that you enjoy them as much as we did when they arrived.


A signature book is a memory book. Written words are not carried away by the wind, so having a beautiful book that makes you relive from time to time all the illusion of your wedding day will be something very emotional.

What did my father tell me on my wedding day? and my grandma? What did my nephews write? A word that will be revalued over time. A few words that will make you live again one of the most important days of your life.






You will find Leblue signature books here , they are ideal for Weddings or parties. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

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