Looking for an advent calendar? We have the prettiest!

There are celebrations or traditions that are repeated year after year, but our enthusiasm for preparing them is the same and for me, the Advent season is one of them. 

A time of preparation towards Christmas, searching in detail for the little gifts for each day, working on the virtue of patience so as not to open everyone on the first day and thus consciously enjoy the passage of time, because I think it has caught us all surprise november

For this reason, we love Advent , because even if we skid with the last bit of strength to get to December, a calendar in a corner of the house ignites that spark of magic that we need to close the year with a flourish for the whole family.

Now, like every year, at Olivia's party we have selected the. most ideal advent calendars this year. When you see OUR advent calendars you will know what we are talking about, they are incredible! So much so that we put some in the store in Barcelona as a small advance and that same day they flew! But do not panic, luckily, this year we have collected and we still have many options and we are going to tell you about them here...

advent calendar olivia's party

What will be inside this cute little house? What's inside is even more ideal, it's just that everything from Meri Meri is like that, amazing!

An advent calendar with everything you need to assemble a Christmas dollhouse.

And if this little house weren't adorable enough, there's a little jewelry box inspired by the Nutcracker dance that is most original. It contains 24 boxes with a small "Charm" to hang from the bracelet... he has us in love, we imagine the girls' faces when they see it.


Other times we are excited to put small details, gifts, plans, or purposes. That's what calendars are for that are designed to fill in yourself. They are somewhat cheaper, but equally beautiful and special, yours are DIY calendars. Assemble the boxes yourself, paste the numbers and put what you can think of inside... a chocolate, a detail that will make them excited, one of those plans that costs a little, some tickets to the movies, theater, a park plan by bike, a recipe to prepare, etc... there are a thousand things to put inside. It can be an excellent excuse to educate our children in that which always costs a bit...

advent calendar


This year we have several different versions of DIY Advent calendars. There are the classic boxes, stands with envelopes and even a scratch card! What's not great... we find it ultra practical and fun, especially for adults.

Olivia's Party Advent Calendar


For the little ones, the animal advent calendar is an ideal option. We are left with this wooden forest, which can also be used the rest of the year as a game for children.

And what does it consist of? Small wooden figures with different animals and a Christmas tree in the center. A tip, each figure can be painted and children will be delighted to participate in their advent calendar and it will be ideal.


Advent is a celebration that we really like and we love to prepare it with time and a lot of love, last year we received many photos from your calendars and this year, we would love to receive them too, do you already know which one to choose?


Our Advent Calendars are the most beautiful ones that you'll find. As you can see we have many options and formats. You can do it yourself or you can get one that it's ready to surprise your kids. Check it out and find more on our site!

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