The most top Christmas: Nordic Christmas (with check list included)

We have been with the Nordic trend for some time now. We see it in decoration, furniture, home accessories and now it is also coming to La Fiesta de Olivia to succeed in our most Chic and modern Christmases.

I don't know what we like the most about this style. The sober colors, the combination of patterns or the much-known Hygge that we try to practice every day: that of seeking happiness in the little things in life.

At least here, at Olivia's Party we see it every day... little ones with happy faces with a new balloon, mothers excited about the decoration for the birthday (as long as they can choose the theme;) or the photos that you send us by networks when you receive our orders.

And if our Christmas decoration collections in red and more traditional tones are not your style, this year we will have a most original, elegant and cozy Nordic Christmas prepared for you.

I think that among all the collections this year, I'll take this one, without hesitation!

Do you want to know her thoroughly? Here we show you our favorites and some original ideas on how to place them. Easier impossible!

You will need basic plates, glasses and napkins, and following the Hygge philosophy: "The detail will be in the small things". Just look for the tones to be white, black and gold, the rest, we put it on!

The combination of black and gold is an alternative to a more Chic and sophisticated New Year's Eve party. Use honeycomb balls and tissue paper Pom Poms as a centerpiece... a chic and original alternative to a flower arrangement. Discover the complete Night Party collection in this Link

Olivia's Party-Christmas Decoration-Nordic

Olivia's Party-Christmas Decoration-Nordic

Olivia's Party-Christmas Decoration-Nordic

Of impact, or not? After this bombardment of inspiration, where to start? here is the shopping list:

1. Table : first things first, decorate the table, to begin with we have the most beautiful and original table markers . Whether it's with Christmas Time or if you like lettering, chalkboard-style markers are also super.

Olivia's Party-Nordic Christmas Table Marker Olivia's Party-Christmas Decoration-Nordic

Olivia's Party-Nordic Christmas Table Marker

2. Are you looking for special dishes for your Christmas table, without having to spend too much and without having the remorse of throwing them away later?

Try this year to use disposable tableware at your end of the year parties, very beautiful and top quality. I promise you'll come back... Did you know that in our Shop we have dishes that are so ideal and of excellent quality that they can even go in the microwave? Seriously... they are the best!

If you prefer plates or crockery with patterns rather than plain, we also have options in silver tones and some very cute ceramic trays (click on it and you will go directly to buy it)

Olivia's Party-Christmas-Nordic Plates

Olivia's Party-Nordic Christmas Table Marker

Olivia's Party-Nordic Christmas Table Marker

3. The decoration : the garlands and fans are perfect for decorating walls or tables and you will see how cute it can be by combining 2 or 3...

Olivia's Party-Christmas Decoration-Nordic

The polka dots and stars garland is a basic for Christmas, and then it is great to reuse on birthdays and anniversaries. And Let's Celebrate ... same thing!

Olivia's Party-Christmas Decoration-Nordic

The garland of mini black trees combined with Christmas Time, write them down on your list, you will need them. The black and gold star pack has it all: practical, affordable and multi-use. You can hang it or you can decorate the table, its 3D shape gives a lot of play.

Olivia's Party-Christmas Decoration-Nordic

In short, we have thousands of options to decorate the table, wall, ceiling and more so that you have a very Nordic Christmas. Look at the web and get inspired.

4. With all that crossed off your shopping list, the only thing left pending are the gifts . And if you are one of those who loves to wrap them with all the love, you will love this idea: everything you have seen before, giving it a twist, will help you decorate the most beautiful Christmas gifts, because, as the phrase says: it Important is not the gift, but the hands of the person who gives it .

Olivia's Party-Decoration Christmas Gifts-Nordic

Snowflake garland or any other garland, Baker's Twine twine, colored clips and tags, even 3D black and gold stars, will look amazing on gifts for your loved ones.

Well, all that remains is to start decorating and planning for Christmas and Christmas Eve, time flies and the products on our website... more!


This days it's all about the Nordic Style, and with the Hygge philosophy we all want some Nordic style at our home. And a wonderful new it´s that we not only have the very best Christmas Collections but we have a Nordic one, and that´s really awesome.

As you can see, we have the table settings and the other deco you´ll need to make your home a Hygge space this Christmas. And last but not least, all this products works as decor for your presents as well. So, choose your own Christmas deco cause time flies... and our products too ;).

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