Between parties and unicorns! Essentials for a magical party

We couldn't like the combination of unicorns and parties more! The very soft and cheerful pastel colors, with a golden touch, a lot of glitter, magic and sparkle everywhere, are ideal for celebrating the birthday of the smallest girls (and the not-so-small ones too;)

Well, if you are a victim of fanaticism for unicorns or you are a fan of magic and you don't know where to start, here are some ideas that I hope will help you.

Olivia's Party


unicorn party napkins

At Olivia's Party we have incorporated a collection with a lot of super special and original products to give that touch of magic to your party. If you want to take a look, you can go directly to our shop where you will find EVERYTHING you need to make your Unicorn party UNIQUE. These are some of my products that have us in love...


Balloons turn any place into a special atmosphere. What would a giant balloon decorated with a rainbow paper tail or balloons that the little ones can decorate look like next to the Candy Bar? This last idea will also serve as an activity during the birthday party, better impossible!

unicorn balloons meri meri

And finally, (the most special thing) was our Olivia's birthday last week... she's already 9 years old!!! I know, we all say the same thing... how time flies so fast. She is also a fan of unicorns... I think the photo says it all, look at her happy face when she saw her surprise cake that we had for her as a gift. This wonderful cake, in addition to being terrific, is one of the cracks of Lolita Bakery . It is worth sharing with you!


You will see that it is not complicated, start with the basic things for a party, such as: glasses, plates, napkins... and then you can choose from thousands of details that will be a great decoration accessory.

Here we give you basic ideas to get you started... our essentials for a Unicorn party in the style of Olivia's Party.

Olivia's Party, Unicorn Party

1. The usual candles cannot be missing, but a shooting star decorating the cake is sooo #oliviaparty and will make the cake more special, if possible.

2. I don't know what we like more about these plates , if the unicorn in gold, the wavy shape or the ideal gradient of pastel colors. In addition, with this special touch, you can now choose plain or more classic glasses or napkins that will not steal the spotlight, rather, they will give it perfect harmony.

3. But if you want to see unicorns everywhere, these napkins are the best! You will see that more than one guest, instead of using it, will keep it because of how beautiful they are.

4. For me, if there is no piñata, there is no party! Although this version of the piñata , I think I like it much better: it's mini and it's adorable! I even imagine it as a centerpiece or decoration for the candy bar... and this is how at La Fiesta de Olivia the use of the traditional piñata is reinvented ;).

5. And you couldn't miss a touch of sparkling stars that look so good with unicorns. It is another option and combination that you can choose, these glasses have matching napkins that are ideal, in short, one thing leads to another and there is no stopping, it's a vice!

Unicorn season seems to be here to stay. If you are looking for inspiration, on Pinterest you will find incredible ideas, we have our favorites.

Can't wait to see this season's birthdays full of unicorns, magic and lots of joy!

Do not miss the blog in the next few days that we will give you more ideas, that at Olivia's Party we also LOVE unicorns and parties! Much more!


We love the mix of parties and unicorns!, the pastel colors with a golden touch, the magic and the glitter everywhere are the perfect match for a dreamy birthday party.

So, if you're thinking of throwing a unicorn theme party, you can go to our shop and find out the magic products that you'll love!

Start with the basic products every party needs, and then choose some decorating items that will make a unique party!

As you can see there are plenty of ideas to create the best unicorn party, we give you some DIY, tips and a lot of beautiful products that are waiting for you at our online shop!

And don't forget to be a unicorn in a field of horses ;)

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