Magical celebrations with Lola Dutch

If you are thinking of doing an event with the little ones in the house, you are in luck! The Lola Dutch collection has recently arrived at Olivia's Party . Inspired by the story that narrates the adventures of little Lola, created and illustrated by Sarah Jane and her husband Kenneth in 2018. 

Lola Dutch 's story has become a reference book for English-speaking children, and it has more and more fans. It recounts the experiences of little Lola, an unstoppable girl and willing to show you how every day can be full of fun. Accompanied by her friends bear, crazy goose, a green lizard and a little pig.

This collection is ideal for celebrating a Birthday or a Baby Shower, and making a magical and chic decoration.

To assemble the table you can use the Lola Dutch mansion plate , and on top of it the Lola Dutch flower plate . In this way they stand out and at the same time the combination is very beautiful. You can also put the Lola Dutch glass , in which her adventure companions appear, and the napkin , in which Lola herself is in her red tutu.

The different appetizers can be plated with our Eco Pink Plates and you can put the cake on the pink melanin stand that we have in our online shop. 

A little gift that is very cute and that you can put next to all the guests' plates, are the tattoos of Lola Dutch , with a tattoo of little Lola and another of her books, they will surely love it! And if the little ones in the house still want to feel more like Lola Dutch, we have our pink tulle skirt with gold stars available, so they feel like Lola with her tutu.

We hope you like it and that you can get ideas to make your party Lola Dutch style. We will be delighted to see your results on social networks, with the hashtag #lafiestadeolivia.

If you want to download them for free from Lola Dutch to color, be sure to go to her website:

A big hug!

Plates Lola Dutch collection

Lola Dutch glasses

Lola Dutch Tattoo

Sarah Jane Lola Dutch

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