Cactus Boho Llama Party for Teen's

My eldest daughter turned 12... yessss, how old! 12 years, the one that all mothers fear, in which they are not older nor are they girls, they are still not completely clear about what they want and what they like, but here we go and we continue to grow. I am happy to see her grow and be able to be by her side :)

No more sappy mother and let's talk about this party.

What is promised is debt and your wishes are orders... this is the party you chose a couple of weeks ago when I asked you on Instagram what party you wanted to see on the blog. I suppose there are many mothers like me, thinking about how to celebrate a teenage girl's birthday or many girls wanting to see ideas on how to set up a Boho party.

We celebrated her birthday at home, with a small group of 6 school friends who came to spend the day. They ate homemade hamburgers that we made on the grill and for dessert fruit with ice cream and cupcakes that we ordered from Lolita Bakery.

The theme we chose was a kind of mix between Cactus Boho Llama Party :) everything they like and is trending right now in girls of that age. Talking Table's new Boho Llama collection was perfect. It is a super colorful, cheerful party collection that is ideal for summer parties for girls, teens and even adults. Look how pretty.... I love it!



I put a corner of the table with all the disposable tableware, water, drinks, wooden cutlery , very flowery Boho napkins and some flower pots. On the ceiling I hung the Boho pennant garland from the collection that gave the terrace a festive touch. Each girl took her box and assembled the hamburger to her liking. As always, the hamburger boxes are a triumph, as well as cute and original, they are perfect because they keep the hamburger hot for longer.



On one side of the table, I have a chest of drawers that I always use to set up a deco corner, put drinks, etc... In this case, I set up a small sweet corner there.

I put an old green tablecloth that I adore and on one side a 3-story metal stand with the Cactus-shaped Cupcakes that I ordered from Lolita Bakery. Also, I used some glass jars with cork lids with candies inside that Carlota decorated for her friends. But the final touch to the corner was given by some small Cactus plants as a gift for each guest and souvenir from the party. We cover them with Kraft paper, Jute rope and some tweezers with the nickname of each one written with a white board-type marker.


As always, the Lolita Bakery Cupcakes were a success. This time we ordered assorted mini-cupcakes, in this way everyone tried all the flavors that were available. They were so ideal that it was a shame to eat them. They looked so pretty on the metal stand all together. :) They looked real...



The sweet moment was over and to keep girls entertained for an afternoon there is nothing better than setting up a small creative workshop for them. It occurred to me to set up a hat workshop for them... Carlota drew a poster herself that we put in a frame indicating the craft corner.

I bought natural straw hats for each one, I put some small baskets with scissors, ribbons, silicone guns, small cloth pompoms and a lot of little things that I found in bazaars and various cordoneries for them to decorate. I was a little afraid that they would get burned with the silicone gun... but the truth is, at this age there is no problem.

Note: If you do this activity with small children, of course an adult would have to be aware or buy liquid silicone directly.




I must tell you that the hat workshop was a success! It is an easy craft to do, it turns out very well and the result is very cool. ;) They had a great time, they spent a long time decorating their hats and after they took photos, played games, danced like crazy and sang karaoke. It was a very fun afternoon for not so little girls who keep growing! :)

I hope you like this party and that it will inspire you for yours. I leave you direct links to the shop of all the products I used so that you can copy it if you liked it as much as I did. Happy summer to all!

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