Ideas to decorate bottles

We love this trend of individual bottles at adult parties, weddings and children's parties!

They are very easy to customize so that each guest knows what their drink is, there is less risk of spillage at children's parties and the truth is that they are ideally decorated with very little. I leave you some examples of the ones we like the most, I hope they will inspire you for your next celebrations.

The inseparable duo: vintage bottle and paper straws

It is difficult to find an image in which they do not go hand in hand and it is that these vintage bottles are very cute with paper straws in the color of your party. I love the set of 6 little bottles in their milk basket with their alternating colored paper straws and a different label for each one.

seen on pinterest

Nautical baby shower photo by Thetomkatstudio

The color combination is also super important! I love how careful the presentation of this snack is: everything in red and black, with its red and black straws, the matching tablecloth and a blackboard to indicate what the drink is from! Super!

we have seen it in wed society

There are glass or plastic bottles. In this case they have used individual plastic bottles , a cheaper, safer and lighter alternative to glass. These are decorated with a gold ribbon, and some paper straws decorated with tissue paper of the same color, we love them to serve any original drink at a wedding!

Decorate them with washitape for a children's party

You can decorate the glass bottles with washitape , a very easy and fun craft to do with the little ones who will be happy to participate in the decoration of their party. I love the little washitape flags they made for the straws!

Personalize your bottles with labels

You may be excited to decorate the bottles with a personalized label. With die cutters of different shapes and sizes, you can make different combinations. Also, as we have told you, a perhaps safer option if you want to have a party for children and you are a bit scared that they are made of glass, is to use the plastic bottles, they are also beautiful:

These plastic bottles are decorated with labels made with our cookie-edge die-cutters . Each of the labels, designed with the name of each guest and attached to a string with a wooden clip.

A very natural and delicate look made by Mariu from the Silver Gelatin Blog.


Cari Goyanes is also an unconditional fan of our bottles for her events. Look at the two looks she got on two different occasions: this one for mini Cari's baptism, decorated with two labels made with a large flower-shaped die-cutter and another with a medium circular shape.

Photography Cari Goyanes Blog Telva

Cari surprised everyone who attended the Jorge Vázquez catwalk at MFShow with a Pink Lemonade in our personalized bottles. Got another totally different and Cool look with the Baker's Twine in red, straws in red and green Mint, and labels with the JV logo of which we are Fans!

Photography Cari Gollanes Blog Telva

There are a thousand and one ways to decorate milk bottles, both plastic and glass! Check out our pinterest board if you wanted to see more! ;)

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