DIY Cups of polka dots with confetti

For lovers of moles, polka dots or points! I leave you with this DIY that we have seen on the Ardor Blog with a very original idea, to make your own cups of disposable moles with tissue paper Confetti for your parties. The ideal is to use disposable cardboard cups in solid, light colors to be able to play with the transparency of tissue paper, ideally white.

On the other hand, this same technique can be used to decorate Chinese boxes or basic potato boxes since they are white and ideal so that you can customize them however you want. Ohhhh, I must admit that I love the idea!

In this case, they have cut confetti circles out of tissue paper in three different colors with a circular die-cutter .

An advice! Remember that to make things easier, you can stick the already made Confetti circles like the ones we sell in our store. You can find them in various colors and each pack brings three different shades and the perfect size, so you can get the effect of this photo exactly!

Glue the tissue paper confetti circles one by one with a white glue, hopefully a little diluted with water. You must dilute it just enough so that when you apply it on the glass, a small film of glue remains. Don't be afraid to paint with glue on top of each circle... in fact it's perfect! Then it will dry and nothing will be noticeable.

Distribute the circles randomly on the element that you are going to decorate and do not rule out sticking one on top of the other as in the photograph. Tissue paper is very thin and its transparency gives a lot of play.

I leave you some images of our tissue paper confetti that have recently arrived to inspire you.

As soon as I have my personalized party I will send you photos on Facebook or Pinterest .

A hug and see you soon. ;)

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