We decorate a wedding cake

Gone are those wedding cakes with grooms typical of the 80s or the ultra-elegant but a bit boring cake... In current wedding celebrations, very sober cakes are worn but with a detail of color and style such as the garlands or Cake Bunting and if they are handmade much better! There are true wonders of cakes.

In this Post I leave you a selection that we have loved for the elegant, original and modern result. With easy details like this we can manage to have a wedding party or important celebration with a different touch. I hope you like it!

In this case, some paper straws have been used to support the mini garland of pompoms made with fabric. The important thing... these garlands must be on a cake with a white and impeccable base!

A decorated cardboard letter , mini pennants with messages or a cake garland made with pieces of tissue paper boa ... anything goes to decorate a wedding cake.

Cupcakes can also be decorated just like the cake with a paper topper.

We have seen all these wonders on the Potter and Butler website.

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