10 wonderful royal parties full of affection!

I've been seeing endless beautiful parties made by event designers for more than 3 years. Blogs and websites are full of them..., but I've also been receiving beautiful photos of parties taken by you for a long time, mothers like me, who look for time where we can, we run all day and we are very excited to throw a party for our children very special!

Some of you are entrepreneurial designers and you are starting a new project related to celebrations, many others have nothing to do professionally with party design, but with imagination and good taste you have put together beautiful parties. And most important of all, you have achieved a smile that is never erased from our memory.

It is a way I have to thank you for your trust in each of your orders, your calls, thank you emails for the ideas and messages on Facebook that have helped Olivia's Party grow every day.

If I told you how we started... (I'll leave that for another Post) it has been quite an adventure.

Here are some of the royal parties that you have sent us in recent months... thank you so much for sharing!

* Baby Shower by the girls of Secret de Fil *

* Bachelorette Party by Silver Gelatin *

* Centerpiece by Garbiñe for Jardín de Nubes *

* Baby's first birthday party for Julia *

* Indians and Cowboys Party / Pirates Party by Carmen *

* An incredible bachelorette party by Ale Samaniego *

* Ari's baptism by Monica from Fiestas Coquetas *

* Peppa Pig party for Wilma *

* Martina turns 5 for Eleo *

* Party Ladybugs for Paloma *

Aymar cake, Ma petite pâtisserie

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