We decorate letters with fabric

In this DIY you will see the step by step of how to decorate our cardboard letters with volume with fabric. The finish is perfect and very easy to do. They are ideal both to decorate a wall, shelf, party table or simply to make a gift with a lot of charm.

We will need:

A volumetric cardboard letter, like the ones you can find in our store.

A piece of cotton fabric slightly larger than our letter. (Keep in mind that we must leave enough fabric to cover the thickness of the letter.)

White glue



Compass (optional)


Cutting Pad (optional)


1. Mark the edges of the letter on the back of your chosen cotton fabric. It is ideal for the fabric to be thick since the thinner and less weight it has, the more difficult it will be for it to remain smooth on our letter to decorate.

2. Measure the thickness of the letter and draw it on the fabric. You can use a compass to draw the letters with curves but it is not essential.

3. Cut your fabric taking into account the thickness around the entire outline of the letter.

4. Glue one side of the letter (not the thickness) and then paste on the fabric.

5. Cut the corners of the cardboard letter with the help of a pair of very sharp scissors.

6. Glue the thickness of the letter and then glue the contour fabric.

7. Flip the letter over and trim the excess fabric with the scissors.

8. Cut strips of the same fabric as thick as the letter and glue them with white glue so that the outlines are better finished. It is nothing serious that the glue is not perfectly placed since when it dries it will not be noticeable and it will be completely transparent.

9. Let the glue dry and that's it!

Note: If you want the finish to be even better, paint the entire surface of the letter with white glue. When dry you will get a perfect finish.

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