mini easter baskets

These are mini Easter baskets that are ideal for children to place their eggs, to serve a dessert on an Easter table or a good ice cream for a snack. What I like is that it is an ideal and easy craft to do with children to prepare for these holidays.

We will only need some bases for Cupcakes made of thick paper, cloth tape and Washitape to fix it on each side. In the photo they have placed a bit of cotton inside and some mini chocolate eggs.

On our website you will find some paper capsules very similar to those used in these photographs. They are ideal since they can go directly into the oven without the need for molds, they are not transparent when in contact with the butter and they can last until ice cream is served inside since they have a thin plastic film.

Photographs & design: Sara Shmutz

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  • La casita del lago

    No se me había ocurrido hacer las cespitas con los moldes del cupcake…me ha encantado!!!

    Muchísimas gracias

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