We help you organize a Communion. PART ONE: The decoration of the party.

PART ONE: The decoration.

More and more mothers are calling or writing to ask us for ideas on how to organize a First Communion party. We want to share with you our experience, some ideas and tips that can help you organize your children's First Communion on your own and without stress...

* Colors, shapes or themes... the starting point of any party *
This is the starting point and the most important when designing any special party. Define the colors or a theme that may be present throughout the celebration. It's a simple thing, but it will make your party look organized and tidy. If this is not respected from the beginning, then the result ends up being a mixture of colors and shapes that confuse and it will be very difficult for the result to be what you have in mind. Involve your son in this election, it is his party and he will be very excited.

For example, if for a boy's First Communion we decide on a marine theme, we can define a color palette in navy blue, white , coral and jute or natural wood . We will also rely on some forms such as horizontal stripes , stars and anchors... this will order us and make it much easier for us to choose all the decoration accessories for our party, the stationery and even the sweets if we assemble a Candy Bar .

I want to show you some combinations that are ideal for a First Communion party for both boys and girls. These are some examples that we like and that we know always look good, but there are many others!

Decoration First Communion girl in stone and pink tones, traditional and elegant.
Colors: Stone gray , white , light pink , wood and some natural jute.
Shapes: Polka dots and stripes in pink and stone gray tones.

First Communion decoration for a natural boy, elegant as well as modern, it adapts to any place.
Colors: Stone gray , Slate , white , wood and some natural jute.
Shapes: Horizontal stripes and large stars .

Decoration First Communion girl in pastel tones, cheerful and modern.
Colors: Green water or Mint , light pink , cream, touches of natural wood and Slate .
Shapes: Stars , stripes and geometric shapes like rhombuses.

Decoration First Communion boy with a sailor air, traditional with a modern touch.
Colors: Navy blue , white , some detail in Coral red, wood and some natural jute.
Shapes: Horizontal stripes , stars , ships, knots, ropes and anchors.

Decoration First Communion girl and flowers Shabby Chic, sweet and very feminine.
Colors: White , light pink , water green , cream, a lot of wood , Slate and some natural jute
Shapes: Field flowers, natural flowers all over, and hints of pink and cream.

Decoration First Communion boy a Safari adventure, an original theme and Ecofriendly
Colors: Stone gray , Kraft, wood , some detail in gold and natural jute.
Shapes: Stripes , jungle animals and big stars .

I hope these combinations help you when deciding the decoration of your Communion. Of course they are not the only ones, but we like them a lot. ;) In several words you will see that there is a direct link to a collection, this helps a lot to see different options. If you want to see ideas, be sure to visit our Pinterest board or our Blog with First Communion ideas.


  • Puri

    Me encantan vuestras ideas. Este año celebro la comunion de mi hijo Pablo y le encanta el futbol. Os agradeceria mucho me orientaseis para la decoracion del lugar de celebracion (mesas redondas) , mesa dulce y obsequios para q sea un evento elegante y a la vez muy alegre, luminoso y divertido. (Equipos favoritos: Celta principalmente y el Barşa). Gracias

  • Mi niño quiere que su comunión sea de fútbol de su equipo el real Madrid y no se como hacerlo y me gustaría que fuese original y a la vez elegante.OS lo agradecería mucho.gracias

    Mi niño quiere que su comunión sea de fútbol del real Madrid y no se como acerlo. Ya que me gustaría que fuera original y a la ves elegante.agradecería vuestro consejo gracias

  • Ignacio

    Gracias por el post.
    Muy recomendable

  • Ignacio

    Gracias Olivia.
    Excelente post!


  • Laura

    Me gustaria recibir ideas de como decorar y hacer que el bautizo de nuestra pequeña Martina sea único, elegante y especial.

    será en el jardín de nuestra casa en junio y nos gustan los colores nude, pastel, topos, rayas, cestos con paniculata, vanderolas. Tenemos tambien un cerezo grande en medio del jardín que podria dar un toque especial si colgamos algunos detalles, pero no se que podria ser.

    Espero vuestra respuesta.


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