A Peppa Pig party for Olivia

My daughter Olivia has not stopped until she has achieved it... no matter how much I tried to convince her of a party for her 4th birthday with Princesses, Moles or Fairies, there was no way! She is crazy about Peppa Pig and she wanted a snack at home for her party, with her friends from school and Peppa Pig. Well, nothing, let's get to work, for me a challenge although from cartoons, Peppa Pig seems to me to be one of the cutest. I show you photos of how the snack turned out in case you get inspired...

I found some very cute Peppa Pig plates and decided to combine them with green polka dot glasses , a red polka dot table runner with matching napkins and soften everything with a white tablecloth .

Olivia received some spectacular Peppa Pig decorated cookies from Larysa, a true artist!

Flowers, piglets and bright suns full of color in an apple-shaped basket .

The plastic bottles , ideal for children, were decorated with a label that I designed with the name of each guest.

I have made this cake myself, it is a vanilla cake filled with chocolate and covered with a small layer of Fondant.

The bright eyes of Olivia and her friends when they see it are priceless, they couldn't believe it!

When it perished it was very good, there was nothing left...

Each girl received a box with sweets and gifts with her name. A few days before we decorated them with two Cupcake bases and a personalized label with the name of each one.

The result was a snack full of details that inspired us to create a new theme in our store and the Basic Peppa box so that you can throw this same party.


  • Rocio

    Hola!!! me encanta vuestra página, vuestras ideas, vuestros artículos…un placer descubriros! Voy a hacerle a mi hija una fiesta peppa pig, y ya tengo todo, algunas cosas vuestras, jejeje. Bueno, el caso es que quiero hacerle también las pegatinas, ya que tengo las botellitas de plástico y las cajitas, pero no encuentro ese diseño de peppa y george de cumpleaños por ningún lado. Podrías por favor ayudarme, no sé si tengo que ir a una página especial, o lo dibujaste tú. Muchas gracias!!!

  • carlos

    Me encanta! fantástico blog que muchas han querido copiar…

  • diana

    Hola ! En hora buena ! Que precioso ! Me encantaría que me infaméis cómo puedo hacer las pegatinas para el agua y demás accesorios de papelería.
    Un saludo

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